Choosing the Optimal Wire Basket for Your Passivation Line

Marlin Steel is a leading provider of custom racks and stainless steel baskets designed to fit the needs of various industries and applications. In a recent project, one of our customers needed a new basket to hold several stainless steel precision machined parts for use in a passivation line. By working with this customer to fully understand their fit and form and function, Marlin’s engineering team was able to deliver an engineered  solution based on their requirements and specifications.

What is the Opportunity?

The client requested a new basket for their passivation line that will hold various stainless steel parts and components. Scrap was not tolerable - no scratching or marring parts. Since the client had no existing design, we worked with them to create a new design (20% of our team are degreed mechanical or chemical engineers) based on their requirements, which were: 


  • Dimensions: 36" x 24" x 20" 
  • Universal-style, loose-fitting basket for holding parts
  • Must avoid scratching damage caused by wire or sheet metal
  • 10 lbs maximum carry weight
  • Timer-actuated basket motion


The client requested the following features for their custom wire basket:


  • Handles
  • Coating required
  • Selected 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel materials


The basket also needed to withstand multiple wash and dry cycles with exposure to:


  • DI water as well as Brulin and citric acid cleaning solutions
  • Exposure to temperatures between 130-150°F for 10-20 minutes
  • Chemical concentration: Brulin 10-20% by volume, Citric Acid 9-18% by volume
  • Exposed to 40kHz (ultrasonic tanks)
  • Chemical pH: C.A. - ~3.0 

What is the solution?

One of the main problems that this client faced was their parts getting scratched during the washing process in their passivation line. Keeping this issue in mind, we were able to create a custom basket to contain their parts so they were easy to load and unload. 


By developing individual places and cavities for each part, we were able to create enough space between components to prevent them from scratching each other in the passivation line. Our solution also eliminated kitting. When one piece goes missing, all other goods must be set aside due to the counting error. Our basket was able to eliminate this issue, boosting the efficiency of their overall process.

What are the Final Results?

The clients were very pleased with their custom basket for their passivation line. Since our solution eliminated scratching and subsequent damage, the need for quality inspectors drastically decreased. 


Additionally, the CFO was ultimately happier because the improved efficiency and less product damage enabled faster cash conversion. By working with a custom wire basket manufacturer, our customer was able to avoid hiring more personnel for their processes or buying new machinery, translating into further cost savings and efficiency.

Getting Quality Engineering Products Quick

Depending on the specific needs and specifications of our customers, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to deliver custom wire baskets and other products designed to meet their exact application requirements. Our Engineering team work with customers across diverse industries to provide quality-engineered products with fast turnaround times. 

To learn more about our previous projects, or to get started on your custom wire basket solution, reach out to the experts at Marlin Steel today or request a quote.