Introducing Marlin’s New Stamping Machine

Here at the Marlin Steel production floor, we’ve added yet another big new piece of factory automation: the Rouselle 8SS40 Double Crank Straight Side Press.

This 9,000 lb. manufacturing behemoth has a capacity of 80 tons at bottom of stroke, a 30” x 40” bed, and can make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8” strokes.

How quickly does it work? Well, the answer to this varies with the height of the stroke. According to the manufacturer, the Rouselle 8SS40 can complete 75 strokes per minute when doing 1, 2, 3, and 4” strokes, or it can perform 55 strokes per minute when making larger strokes (up to the 8” maximum).

Marlin Steel's new stamping machine!Running at full capacity using strokes up to four inches, this machine could complete up to 4,500 strokes per hour, or 36,000 strokes in a single eight hour shift (3,300 per hour and 26,400 in any given eight hour shift for eight-inch strokes). Given the fact that machines can work all day and don’t need to take breaks, this ultra-productive side press can churn out consistent quality parts all day, every day. This high rate of production helps us to minimize the amount of time it takes to produce enough parts to complete orders, improving the time to ship for your custom metal forms.

What Does a Straight Side Press Do?

A double crank straight side press such as the Rouselle 8SS40 is used to stamp metal forms quickly and evenly. In particular, this machine will be used for:

  • Flattening. One of the primary functions of any press machine is to flatten objects. For wire forms, the Rouselle 8SS40 can flatten numerous pieces of metal wire quickly.
  • Swaging. This process reduces the diameter of a round object that is fed through the machine, often so that it can be fed into a tube or other opening more easily.
  • Piercing. Aside from merely flattening a part, the straight side press can also punch depressions and holes into solid metal objects.
  • Coining. A precision stamping process that takes its name from its initial use: to press metal into shaped coins. This process uses extreme pressure to force metal to conform to a die, which requires a high-tonnage press.

Any of these processes can be useful for the manufacture of a specific part for a wire or sheet metal basket. For example, with piercing and swaging, one metal form can have a hole cut into it to allow for a metal wire to be passed through, and the metal wire’s point can be narrowed slightly to make feeding the wire through the opening easier. This could help to facilitate the manufacture of hybrid sheet metal and wire mesh baskets more quickly.

Technical Specs of the 8SS40

Aside from the 80 ton capacity at bottom of stroke and a large bed, technical specs of the Rousselle 8SS40 include:

  • Flattened untrimmed wire form 12” Die space.
  • 20” by 35” area of ram.
  • 4” adjustment of ram.
  • Runs on a 7 1/2 horsepower, 1,800 RPM motor.
  • 128” Height (to top of air counterbalance of standard stroke shut height.
  • 5.4 to 1 gearing ratio.
  • 370 lb. air clutch flywheel.

This tireless workhorse will soon be deployed to help complete work orders for many of Marlin Steel’s clients in the near future. With this and many other modern marvels of manufacturing automation, we here at Marlin Steel are equipped to handle the challenges of manufacturing quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our new straight side press machine, how it will be used, or about any of our other manufacturing robots, contact us today.
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