Marlin Steel: IC100 Award Winners

In 2021, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), recognized and awarded Marlin Steel as an IC100 winner. Every year, ICIC unveils its IC100 list, which commends the 100 fastest-growing companies located in under-resourced American communities. Only 100 companies win this award every year, and fewer than ten of the 2021 recipients were manufacturing companies.

This recognition is a result of Marlin’s efforts to pay excellent wages and provide individuals without a high school or college education with great career opportunities. Only about 20% of our team are degreed chemical or mechanical engineers. Receiving this award is a reflection of the value we place in serving underrepresented and underserved communities.

Who Is IC100?

The ICIC is an American nonprofit advisory and research organization. It's also the leading authority on national inner city economics and the businesses that succeed in these areas. ICIC uses innovative research and programs to drive economic prosperity and inclusiveness in under-resourced communities. In the process, ICIC generates jobs, income, and wealth for inner-city residents. 

ICIC's vision focuses on eliminating concentrated poverty and bringing attention to the racial wealth gap with the intention of closing it. To promote these efforts, ICIC recognizes and celebrates many types of companies across the country that contribute to the development of a healthy and inclusive economy through the IC100 award. 

What Is the IC100 Award?

Inner City 100 (IC100) is an ICIC initiative to exhibit the competitive benefits that the country's under-resourced communities have to offer and drive continued economic revitalization. The IC100 award is a national award that recognizes and celebrates the 100 businesses that have displayed the fastest growth in these under-resourced communities.

The companies that receive this award have become known for their ability to bring successful businesses to underserved neighborhoods and prove that these areas offer certain competitive business advantages. Further, this award highlights the wealth of potential that these neighborhoods have to offer, encouraging other businesses to develop and operate in these locations to further drive positive economic growth. 

To qualify for the 2021 IC100 award, businesses must meet certain requirements. Qualifying companies need to be:

  • Independently operated
  • Privately held
  • For-profit businesses that make a minimum profit of $50k in 2016 and $500k in 2020
  • Headquartered in under-resourced urban communities
  • Average a four-year 215% revenue growth

Why Marlin Steel?

Among 99 other qualifying companies, Marlin Steel was a recipient of the IC100 award for 2021 because of our dedication to hire from and serve under-resourced communities. Established in 1968, Marlin Steel has developed into a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered steel wire and sheet metal products. Our variety of material handling baskets, mobile carts, and wire forms have served a wide range of industries in 45 countries, including defense, food processing, medical, and automotive. In addition to our business efforts, we make it a priority to provide opportunities for the local community and regularly contribute to it. One way we achieve this is by hiring all of our talent locally from Baltimore City and never importing.

Marlin Steel makes an impact on the local community in many ways. For example, we gave over 1,000 baskets to the Salvation Army. We also operate in an Enterprise Zone designed to create jobs in South Baltimore. On average, we pay over six times the minimum wage and offer careers with full benefits packages that include health insurance, along with vision, eye, and life insurance and a generous holiday and vacation schedule to set our employees up for success.

Marlin Steel Continues to Contribute to Under-Resourced Communities

At Marlin Steel, we aim to keep serving Baltimore and its residents with a combination of top-quality products and ample career opportunities. If you would like to learn more about us and our products and solutions, contact us today. To get started on a custom project for your business, request a quote at any time.