Marlin Steel Ramps Up Production with New Jig Welder!

February 28, 2017 | News, Publications & Events

Marlin's adding new factory automation to the shop floor!

To keep up with an expanded demand for welded custom wire forms, Marlin Steel has added a new 2-axis jig welding machine to the shop floor!

What Are Some of the New Welder’s Features?

This new welder uses a 125 kVA welding transformer and AC parallel welding to join metal forms held in place with a welding jig. This machine, called the VersaWeld XY-125-AC-1210 welder, can handle welding for metal forms between 100mm and 1200mm on both the X and Y axes while completing up to 1 weld cycle per second.

The AC welder also has an “auto teach” capability that allows the operator to “teach” the machine a set of weld patterns to be used in a specific weld program. This is a step-by-step system that allows the operator to program the machine on how to move a part and how long to weld at each phase. Pre-set welding programs may also be downloaded to the welding machine’s controller directly.

This new welder’s onboard computer can remember up to 85 stored programs for welding forms, allowing Marlin’s engineers to store dozens of frequently-used welding patterns for some stock designs, or to save a program on the machine in case of a re-order. Additional programs can be stored on a PC and downloaded to the machine as necessary.

How Will Marlin Use This Welder?

By adding another automated resistance welding machine, Marlin’s production team will be able to expand their production capabilities for small-to-midsized runs of welded wire and sheet metal forms.

The AC welder will be used primarily to supplement the production capacity of Marlin’s MFDC welder—running welds on smaller metal forms so the larger-capacity welder can be freed up for the really big jobs if necessary. This increased flexibility means faster delivery times for wire basket orders—even during peak demand.

Like with many of Marlin’s other investments in factory automation, this machine will allow Marlin’s workers to be more productive and consistent in quality.

Learn more about how Marlin Steel uses factory automation to deliver Quality, Engineered Quick® to manufacturing clients all over the world!

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