Our Logo in Lego and Sheet Metal

We donated a sign for a good cause that we cut from sheet metal with our latest robot, the TruLaser 1030, made in Connecticut by Trumpf. We'll show you the sheet metal sign in a future blog post after it's displayed. It was not our typical job, but the laser doesn't mind. It cuts through sheet metal at 61 feet a minute, up to 0.6 inches in thickness and large sheets up to 5 feet by 10 feet. State-of-the art automation is how we bring Quality Engineered Quick to sheet metal fabrication.


Marlin Steel logo fabricated in sheet metal Marlin Steel logo fabricated in sheet metal

Here's a sample of a secondary sign we made with the Marlin Steel logo out of sheet metal.


Marlin Steel logo in Legos Marlin Steel logo in Legos

The Marlin Steel logo doesn't look bad in Lego blocks either (right). The laser wasn't required for that.

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Below is a video of our laser at work.