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How Expanded Metal is Made and Why It Should Be Used

Marlin Steel on April 25, 2019
Expanded metal is sometimes considered an alternative to sheet metal or wire mesh that ...

Custom Sheet Metal Slide Baskets for Medical Samples

Marlin Steel on April 23, 2019
In the medical science community, effective sanitation is crucial—especially when dealing with ...

More Than Just Baskets: Making Custom Wire Forms for A/C Units

Marlin Steel on April 18, 2019
Many of the articles on the Marlin Steel blog are about the numerous custom wire baskets that the Marlin team has manufactured for various special applications. However, Marlin’s manufacturing team makes ...
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Increasing Parts Washing Basket Versatility with Adjustable Dividers

Marlin Steel on April 16, 2019
Many manufacturers have a wide variety of parts that they need to process. However, ordering a different custom wire basket for each part type can be expensive and require lots of extra storage space for baskets that ...

How is Expanded Metal Mesh Measured?

Marlin Steel on April 11, 2019
Expanded metal mesh is an excellent option for custom wire baskets that need more ...

Replacing Poorly-Designed Automotive Baskets with Better Custom Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel on April 9, 2019
Marlin is not always the first custom wire basket manufacturer that automotive companies turn to when they need custom wire baskets. In many cases, Marlin is called in when another basket manufacturer fails to meet ...

Marlin Steel Featured on Wharton’s Mind Your Business Show

Marlin Steel on April 4, 2019
Marlin Steel’s CEO, Drew Greenblatt, can be described as an “activist business owner.” He frequently appears as an advocate for the manufacturing industry and its benefits to the American middle class in the news and at ...

How Does Marlin's Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Marlin Steel on April 2, 2019
One common question that other companies have about Marlin Steel is “How does your sheet metal fabrication process work and what techniques do you use?” This is an important question for many manufacturers because the ...

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