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Marlin Steel Wire Racks for Ammunitions Applications

Ammunition makers should see guns and ammo continue to grow in the year ahead. 2021 saw the industry expand by 13.7%, and that increase is expected to continue through 2022. But balancing the surges in

Why Marlin Steel Is a Leader in Industry Safety

At Marlin Steel, we put worker safety first. Employees have the right to work in a safe, secure environment, and that includes using safe, well-maintained equipment and operating under policies and procedures that outline how to avoid accidents and

Marlin Steel Acquires Cable Corral

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC is pleased to announce our acquisition of the patent and intellectual property of Cable Corral from TechDek Products. Cable Corral is a company that produces cable organization and other under-desk solutions. Marlin

Case Study: Custom Wire Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaning

Marlin Steel is a premier provider of custom products made from steel wire and sheet metal. Since 1968, we have built a reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional service. That’s why our customers are confident in our ability to deliver

CFM Universal Shaft Cart

CFM shafts used in aircraft engines can be notoriously challenging to move and store. Without careful handling, CFM shafts may incur damage as they are moved between

Choosing the Optimal Steel Wire Handle

Many buckets, cans, and other containers employ a galvanized wire handle for easier carrying between work areas. Sometimes these wire handles may feature

Baskets and Carts for Seafood Processing Applications

Seafood processing requires the use of wire baskets and racks and carts to facilitate mussel and oyster processing, peeling operations for cod, salmon, and shellfish, and various other activities. Processing activities vary widely in the seafood

The Marlin Steel Solution: Custom Stainless Steel Machined Automotive Component Basket Applications

Ultrasonic cleaning processes are increasingly popular across commercial and industrial sectors. Ultrasonics can reach every inch or MM of surface area on an item—even if it has an intricate design with small details—and it doesn't use detergents that