Protect Your Devices and Avoid Fires with our Under-Desk Organizers

Under-Desk Organizers

Did you know that our under-desk organizers aren’t just designed to be used under desks? With the amount of cords that the average person has in their home, we understand the importance of keeping them organized, tidy, and secure.

messy cablesWhether it’s a tangle of cords snaking out of game consoles or a mess of cables originating from televisions, satellite dishes, cable boxes, and media players, there’s a real need to keep your home’s cables off the ground and organized.

Beyond being unsightly, they can lead to damaged devices or – worse still – a fire in your home. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few uses for our Cable Corral line of under-desk organizers that will keep your devices – and your home – safe.

Entertainment Centers

If you’ve got a pile of cords snaking behind your entertainment center, there’s no better way to keep them in check than with an organizer. Wrap your cords around the Cable Corral, store them beneath an interior shelf, and feel secure in the knowledge that you’re taking steps to safeguard your devices and your family.

Fish Tanks and Aquariums Cable Management

Fish tanks and aquariums require a lot of hardware. Pumps, filters, lights, and heating elements can cause a fire hazard if their cords aren’t properly stowed.

By attaching our Cable Corral beneath – or behind – your tank, you can get your cords off the ground and, better yet, earn a little peace of mind knowing that they’re neat and organized.

At Marlin Steel Wire, we aim to provide our customers with a range of options for organizing the cords in their homes and workplaces. Browse our in-stock cable management products to find the solution that will work best for your needs. 

Whether you need to get your desk’s cords out from under your feet or you want to create a tidier, cleaner look around your home’s entertainment areas, you can be confident that we’ve got you covered! Fill out our contact form and get in touch today.

Patent US 9, 022, 329 applies to all Cable Corral products.