Top 12 Attributes of Industrial Filter Baskets

What Are Industrial Filter Baskets?

Industrial filter baskets are essential components in many industrial processes. Also known as basket strainers, their purpose is to remove impurities from liquids and gasses, ensuring the quality and purity of an end product. There are various types of industrial filter baskets available on the market, each with its own unique features. In this blog, we will discuss the top 12 attributes of industrial filter baskets that are crucial for effective filtration, as well as how these baskets work. 

How Do Industrial Basket Filters Work?

cylindrical mesh basketIndustrial basket filters fit within piping systems that handle high volumes or rates of process fluid flow. They're made up of a mesh screen, which they utilize for filtering large, undesired particles from process materials, preventing them from entering valves, pumps, traps, and related downstream components. 

This debris might otherwise cause clogs, corrosion, or pressure changes in your equipment or system. Basket filters are particularly useful in oil operations and the natural gas sector for effectively capturing impurities from these fluids to protect their quality.

By taking the basket out of your piping system, you can empty it to remove the debris. With periodic cleanings and proper maintenance, you can use your basket time and time again.

The 12 Most Important Attributes

The following are the top considerations when choosing a basket for your application:

  1. Filtration rating. The filtration rating of an industrial filter basket is one of the most important attributes. It defines the size of particles that the filter can capture. The smaller the rating, the finer the mesh and the more efficient the filtration.
  2. Material. The material of the filter basket determines its resistance capabilities and mechanical strength. Stainless steel is a popular choice for industrial filter baskets due to its corrosion resistance and durability.
  3. Chemical exposure and corrosion resistance. Related to material choice, you must consider what types of chemicals you use in your operation. The proper material for your basket will be one that can withstand the chemical properties of the medium to resist corrosion.
  4. Mesh count. The mesh count of a filter basket is the number of wires per inch in the mesh. A higher mesh count means a finer mesh and better filtration efficiency.
  5. Shape. The shape of the filter basket should be compatible with the application requirements. Round, rectangular, and cylindrical shapes are common choices.
  6. Size. The size of the filter basket is critical, as you should select your basket based on the flow rate and the size of the particles to be filtered. Oversized or undersized filters can affect the efficiency of the filtration process.
  7. Basket lids. Not all industrial filter baskets come with lids, and those that do vary in how those lids attach to the basket (locking lids, screw-on lids, etc.). If your application calls for a lid, be sure to select a basket with that feature.
  8. Loading needs. Do you need your basket to be hoist or forklift friendly, or do you plan to load your basket manually using handles? Like with lids, it's important to ensure that the basket you choose has the features you need to effectively load it into your system.
  9. Flow capacity. The flow capacity of the filter basket is the maximum amount of liquid or gas that can pass through it without clogging. It's an important factor to consider when selecting the filter basket.
  10. Pressure rating. The pressure rating of the filter basket is the maximum pressure it can withstand. The filter basket should be able to handle the pressure of the fluid or gas passing through it for the application.
  11. Cleaning and maintenance. The filter basket should be easy to clean and maintain. A clogged filter basket can cause a significant reduction in flow rate and filtration efficiency.
  12. Cost. Consider the cost of the filter basket when selecting your filter. The cheapest option may not always be the best choice, as it may compromise the quality of the filtration.

At Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC, we offer custom industrial filter baskets to meet the unique needs of your process equipment and piping systems. We also stock standardized baskets for fast delivery. Whichever you choose, all our baskets are 100% USA-made and provide high-quality filtration and system protection.

Marlin Steel’s Filter Baskets

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.08.07 AMLarge debris, the intended application for these baskets, is considered to be anything in excess of 40 microns. The ideal basket strainer and mesh openings for your application are based on the size of the contaminants in your process stream of liquids or gasses, not system size. Finding the right mesh-to-microns ratio for your application will ensure that you have the proper mesh dimensions, or the number of openings per linear square inch of mesh, in your basket.

For example, if you choose a mesh that has very large openings but your particles are lesser in size, the basket won't serve as an effective filter and your equipment might sustain damage. Alternatively, if your openings are too small, they'll capture particles in your fluids, but they'll also clog more quickly and impact fluid flow and pressure in the system. 

The team at Marlin Steel can help. We'll work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your system and contaminant filtration needs to help you find the right one for your job. Our motto is Quality Engineered Quick®, which is why we incorporate advanced automation and robotics technology into our manufacturing processes. This enables us to deliver consistent, high-precision baskets both rapidly and efficiently. 

Our mechanical engineers can custom design and manufacture baskets per your exact specifications and the application and material needs of your unique operation. Our steel baskets have a long lifespan, allowing for reliable performance that won't have you spending money every few years for replacements.

If you're looking for standard options, we offer in-stock steel mesh filter baskets, including:

Marlin Steel Is Your Trusted Source for Superior-Quality Filter Baskets

Industrial filter baskets play a crucial role in many industrial processes. The attributes discussed in this blog are critical factors to consider while selecting the right filter basket and manufacturer for your application. It is essential to choose a filter basket that can withstand the pressure, flow rate, and chemical properties of filtered fluid or gas while also providing the desired filtration efficiency.

Filter baskets from Marlin Steel are 100% made-in-America products, allowing us to offer superior product quality, tight tolerances, and fast delivery. To learn more about our wire baskets and our custom fabrication capabilities, contact us today.