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Sintering vs Melting: What's the Difference?

For those who aren’t familiar with manufacturing, and metal forming, in particular, the difference between melting and sintering may

How is Stainless Steel Made?

You might already be familiar with the properties of different types of stainless steel—such as how grade 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance or how annealed and stress-relieved 430 stainless steel has an incredibly high hardness.

Why Smart Technology is Essential for American Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector has realized incredible growth in the last few years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

Why Stainless Steel is Essential for the Aerospace Industry

You are nearly three times more likely to die from choking on food than in a plane crash. In fact, you are

5 Extra Things Marlin Steel Does to Ensure Basket Quality

Exceptional lengths must be taken in some industries to maintain quality. For example, medical practices and pharmaceutical companies must ensure strict sterile practices for the safety of their patients. Aerospace industries must be incredibly

A Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineer

One of the most commonly-asked questions about Marlin Steel (right behind “how do you make a custom wire basket?”) is: “What do you guys do all

Safety Tips for Bending Metal Forms

The American manufacturing industry represents a solid opportunity for American citizens to find jobs that can support a middle-class family. According to

How to Reduce Manufacturing Scrap and Save Money

Manufacturing scrap is often considered an inevitability, something that just happens as a natural consequence of the manufacturing process. While some manufacturing waste from scrap production is inevitable, scrap production can actively detract from