Why Marlin Steel Is a Leader in Industry Safety

At Marlin Steel, we put worker safety first. Employees have the right to work in a safe, secure environment, and that includes using safe, well-maintained equipment and operating under policies and procedures that outline how to avoid accidents and what to do in the event of an emergency. 

We encourage our team to stay active in those practices by involving them in the creation of new policies and ensuring everyone understands how each procedure serves to protect them and their colleagues. A culture of safety is a culture of trust, comfort, and high morale and dedication to the job. 


Why Is Worker Safety So Important?

The first priority is a healthy team, and when everyone in an organization is healthy and thriving, it has far-reaching implications and effects. This is why worker safety matters:

  • Moral Obligation: As a leader, it’s your job to protect your team. You value them and their contribution to the company, and when you ask them to do tasks that could be dangerous, you need to create the safest possible environment for them, so they can go home to their families every night. 
  • Trusted Partnerships: Partner companies want to associate with fellow organizations that take care of their employees, and clients would rather make purchases from such organizations. 
  • Employee Productivity: When someone isn’t feeling well, they’re not able to do their best. If they’re moving slowly or distracted by pain, they could even put other employees in danger. If someone is sick or injured and can’t be at work, a key piece of your operation is missing and tasks aren’t being completed, or other employees are stretching themselves thin to cover the role. 
  • Time and Money: Insurance and medical bills are costly, and you have to factor in the lost time/productivity when an employee is gone and the costs of training someone to fill the role on a temporary or permanent basis. 
  • Company Reputation: It’s not enough to build the best products or offer the best services. The best companies protect their best asset: the people. 

Marlin Steel’s Proud Safety Accolades

Our impressive safety record has been recognized on many levels. In 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration gave us the OSHA SHARP Safety Award for our injury and illness prevention programs, making us only the fifth company in Maryland to receive such an award. The Governor and a U.S. Cabinet member visited us to praise our safety protocols. 


Our worker safety programs are designed to ensure our workers are always taking safety precautions. By getting them involved in safety planning, providing thorough training on each piece of equipment, and employing automated solutions to manage some of the riskiest operations, Marlin Steel has been able to maintain an exemplary accident-free record. 


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Choosing an Industry Leader in Worker Safety

If worker safety is important to you, choose an industry leader that is reliable, supportive, and demonstrates care for the employees with attention to their needs. At Marlin Steel, our worker safety program has three primary focuses:

  • Get the employees involved in their own safety and foster a collaborative approach with open communication. 
  • Adopt workplace automation to manage the most hazardous or repetitive tasks.
  • Offer thorough safety training, which includes equipment use training, emergency protocols, and more. 

Since 1968, Marlin Steel has specialized in custom metal and wire forming. We’ve set ourselves apart with stellar customer service and high-quality stainless steel baskets, racks, handles, and more, and we’re proud to be an industry leader when it comes to worker safety. To learn more about our safety standards or our products, download our new eBook or contact us today.