Lightning Fast Automation

Marlin Steel's IDEAL welding machine is one of the most advanced robotic welding systems in the world. One of the things that makes this robotic medium frequency welding machine so great is its lightning-fast weld speeds—it can complete a weld in two milliseconds. In other words, this welding machine could complete 50 weld operations in the blink of an eye. 

The faster weld cycle of the Versaweld CSR102 offers a better shape consistency for your parts by minimizing spatter and heat deformation. The improved consistency in the shape of all welded items is a great benefit to any company that relies on interchangeable parts. This, in turn, means fewer parts will be rejected, lowering manufacturing waste and overall costs. 

The Versaweld possesses many useful features that help make it a great asset to Marlin Steel's manufacturing capabilities, including:

  • The ability to weld in three dimensions;
  • Completing welds much faster than a traditional machine;
  • A large 10' x 4' table;
  • Having four different welding heads, in addition to a special pincer head, making it able to handle a variety of welding tasks;
  • The ability to power through round edges; and 
  • Possessing two separate control mechanisms for the movement servos and the welding heads.

Controlling the Welder

The controller for the welder is a Medium Frequency DC (MFDC) Welding Controller. It is the 1,000-cycles technology of this controller that enables the welder to achieve its 2/1,000 of a second weld speed, allowing for a higher-quality surface finish of welded parts and reducing spatter, sharps, and other undesirable deformations to a welded part.

By keeping the movement controls separate from the welding program controls, the Versaweld is able to ensure the ultra-rapid calculation speed that the welding heads require in order to complete welds in two milliseconds.

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The IDEAL Welding Machine in Action!