Metal Fabrication Counterbore

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Metal Stamping

Accurate Metal EnclosuresMetal Housing and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication - Fast Delivery of Sheet Metal. We use the best equipment available on the planet to bring you the highest quality, pin-point accuracy and precision for every aspect of your project. We are anEngineering Powerhouse - This is Marlins Secret Sauce -
  • 25% of our employees are designers or Mechanical Engineers, so you will talk to professionals
  • Precision Sheet Metal Plant Manager with 11 years of experience to run Sheet Metal Division
  • We use Top-of-the-Line AutoCAD 2011 Software - send us your dxf or dwg files and we can get to work seamlessly
  • Creative innovative designs to save you money and time

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Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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Our robot features:
  • High Quality -.Tight Tolerances ± 0.004" (0.1mm)
  • CNC Punch performs secondary operations so accuracy up & speed up
    • Bend flanges 1" (25mm) high on the CNC punch table (not as a secondary operation on a press brake)
    • Tapping Roll style CNC - (not as a secondary PEM insert operation that is slow and imprecise)
  • CNC Punch - 20 tons of pressure

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