Metal Fabrication Emboss Beading

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Metal Stamping

Marlin Steel is a Metal Fabricaton Power-House:
  • Metal Fabrication - Counterboring
  • Metal Countersinking
  • Metal Stamping - Notching
  • Metal Forming
  • Metal Fabrication - Louvers
  • Metal Stamping - Holes
  • Metal Fabrication - Stand offs
  • Metal Stamping - Tapping Holes
  • Metal Fabrication - Stiffening Ribs
  • Steel Fabrication - Bend Flanges 1" high with no secondary operations
  • Metal Stamping - Our software optimizes the layout so you save $ due to less scrap
  • Metal Forming - Roll Forming Style
  • Steel Fabricators - Our fabricated steel is exported to over 25 countries
  • Metal Fabrication - Our robots are cabable automatic loading and unloading of material so we ship faster
  • Metal Manufacturing - 20% of our team are Mechanical Engineers or Designers
Marlin Steel can form and punch aluminum material as well as stainless steel and low-carbon mild steel, lexan, glass, laminated material, plastic and even cardboard.

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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