Metal Fabrication Brackets

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Metal Stamping

Marlin Steel manufactures metal brackets and all types of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication- Fast Delivery of Sheet Metal. We use the best equipment available on the planet to bring you the highest quality, pin-point accuracy and precision for every aspect of your project. Our robot features:
  • 900 strokes per minute-fastest CNC punch in the USA
  • Automatic Loader 96" (2442mm) x 48" (1221mm) sheets of material - no waiting for employees-machine is always going fast & not waiting for operator
  • Lights Out Operation so we run at nights and weekends
  • Optimization Software-lays out nesting pattern in seconds automatically so programming is a snap
  • Holds 12 tools in CNC Punch head that takes 0.9 seconds to change
  • Holds 190 tools on table that takes 3.5 seconds to change

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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