Marlin Steel is proud to have helped numerous clients in many industries meet their goals over the years. Read on to learn about how Marlin Steel has aided clients in industries that require precision and timely delivery.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin - Marlin Steel Baskets (1)Excellent timing. I just received them into our lab today, and right off the bat we had a project that was perfect for their use. These baskets are going to make things A LOT easier for us when we get projects coming through that have lots of sensitive parts kitted to them.


GEThe baskets arrive today, right on time.  I was delighted to find that the baskets were lighter than initially stated, and fell well within our safe lifting range.  I loaded a basket up and all of the parts fit well.  Thanks for going the extra mile to get the order here on time. I look forward to working with Marlin on future projects. Thanks a lot, Manufacturing Engineer GE

U.S Department of the Treasury


While studying the metrics Marlin uses to monitor and improve performance – scrap generation, days without an accident, and skills improvement, to name just a few – Secretary Geithner commended the company on having spent 5 percent of labor costs on training for existing employees. "It’s a good example that, if you invest in people and training, and you invest in innovation, you can be very competitive, even in a world that’s much more competitive than it used to be," he said. It is those investments, along with Marlin Steel’s daily work method of Quality Engineered Quick®, that keep companies around the world dependent on Marlin Steel for high-quality precision steel parts. --Treasury Secretary Geithner


cessnaI want to thank you for taking the time and expense to visit Cessna and share your insights and ideas on how to improve as a company. Your message resonated with me, and I don’t know if you could tell, but your audience was engaged as well. I have a feeling the questions would have kept coming had time allowed. It’s good to hear voices that are optimistic about the future of manufacturing in the US and our ability to implement positive changes in our particular industry.


mibaThank you for the rush, I really appreciate it. They look great!


eatonEverything looked good and employees happy with them.


mazdaThey look really good. We will start using them in production today. The production line likes the light weight of the baskets, it makes it much easier to clean the parts. I appreciate the quick delivery.


cumminsI did look at a couple of the baskets a few minutes ago and they looked great as expected.

Northrop Grumman

northrop-grummanLet your team know that the baskets are outstanding.
I can really tell they are constructed well. I will put them into production next week and let you know how it goes. 

Harley Davidson

harley-davidson-companyYou have accomplished many great feats that make
Marlin truly a world class manufacturing company.--Mike Kunkle, Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Akebono Brakes

abeThe baskets looked great! I was really impressed with your production process. It was very good to see that you have everything split up into production cells with the different poka-yoke fixtures at each process. Also, I think the level of 2S of the factory is commendable as well. It was very obvious that all of the associates take great pride in their work by looking at their work areas. I can say with sincerity that the level of customer service I have experienced by every individual I had the opportunity to speak with is second to none.--Jeremy Poland


CATYour baskets are top of the line, we've been very pleased. I will definitely use your baskets on future projects.-- Jason Q. Smith


AB-logoI did receive the baskets and they were perfect. Thanks for all your help, I will definitely keep you in mind for possible orders.--James T. Mathis


DelphiWe received the baskets on Wednesday, and they look good. We are already using them. Thanks for working with us so well on this project.--John Koval

GE Healthcare

ge-logoOutstanding service and support they provide to customers. Baskets are very well built. I would like to thanks Jason Ermine from Marlin Steel Wire for his patience and professionalism. Thanks again to Marlin Steel Wire Products.--Alejandro Lara 


BorgWarnerAll baskets are accounted for. The baskets are working fantastic in our process and we look forward to working together on upcoming projects. Thanks for doing such a professional job and correcting the concerns that BW had early on.--Jimmy Eubanks


MedtronicLogoWe received the baskets and used them over the weekend. The fitment was great and they performed well through our oven cycle. Thanks for the quality products.--Mat Haggard


DolbyLogoA big note of appreciation to yourself and the Marlin team for rapidly entering production of the Dolby 3D Wire Trays. The collaboration, professionalism and ease at which the business relationship developed makes Marlin a valued Dolby supply chain partner. The experience of going from initial business contact to full production of the trays has been great. It has not gone unnoticed at Dolby!--Andrew Healy

U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs

DOVlogoCongratulations and many thanks to your staff. I would like to especially thank Robin for all her assistance in our product purchases. As a supervisor I can value a productive and reliable employee and she exceeds any standard that a supervisor can have for an employee. I would point out that the bins are a great asset to facilities requiring storage of sterile and non sterile supplies. Some of the benefits are:

  • quick inventory visual
  • reduce dust build-up (adding to infection control)
  • utilize available space more efficiently --Joseph Mendoza


WestinghouseLogoYes I did receive the wire baskets and they look good. Thanks for your help.--Anthony Mancino 

BNSF Railway

BNSF-RailwayLogoGreat job, Drew! We were very happy with the quality and value of the baskets we recently bought from you. Score one for the home team.--Dave Andersen


UnitedLogoJust returned today and the pallets are present. I will inventory it, but those are it! Perfect for our needs in the shop.


TextronLogoThe baskets were built to the drawing. Baskets look great
and thanks for the service.--Billy Townsley


AbbottLogoThanks again for the order. Pleased with the quality??
Finally unpacked them on Friday, they look great......--Thierry Allred


CATYou have been one of the best suppliers I have worked with. Communication, response, and quality are unmatched.--Terry J. Mckee

Johnson & Johnson

johnson-and-johnson-logoThe baskets are performing well. They do the job exactly as expected.--Steve Hamblin


RubbermaidLogoEverything is A-1 with these parts. QC reported not a problem with a single piece. Great job!--Ken Tenney


HyattLogoThe event was major success. The clinets loved the look of the racks, the chefs found them to be a lot sturdier than anything they have had to work with in the past, and we are extremely happy with the racks.--John Allan


som-logoThe Marlin Steel Wire designed baskets are great! They provide easy visual and physical access to our stone samples. The handles located at the ends of each vessel allow us to reorganize easily and the durable steel is pleasant to look at so that they can be prominently displayed within our library. Thank you for a job well done!

Purdue University

purdueThe baskets are working out great. I couldn't be happier. I will definitely keep you in mind for future products.--Eric A. Holloway