State of the Art Wire Forming Capabilities

The Ultimat UMW-100 wire forming & welding machine can quickly assemble custom wire forms using CNC wire bending equipment and a medium-frequency direct current (MFDC) welding system.

This system’s MFDC welder, like the IDEAL welder before it, takes incoming 50/60 Hz Mains/Line power, inverts it to 1,000 Hz, and welds at that frequency. Not only does this draw less power than traditional electric welding equipment, it provides a more precisely controlled weld pulse and generates less spatter at the weld site.

Benefits of this system include: 

  • High wire forming speed
  • Lower power consumption per wire form created
  • Resistance welding is ideal for welding stainless steel
  • Reduced burrs and sharps on wire forms
  • Can work with wire straight from the coil, saving processes and steps for manufacturing

See the Ultimat in Action!

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Front View of Ultimat UMW-100 Wireforming Machine 

 Ultimat UMW-100 in Action