Wire Baskets - 1183001

Custom Wire Baskets Perfect for Cleaning Processes

Marlin Steel Wire Basket #1183001 was created for a leading fuel injection equipment supplier. The objective of this basket was to hold head rotors for a parts cleaning operation. The dimensions of this particular basket are 17.25 L x 8 W x 3.875 D, although it can be easily customized to serve your specific function. The maximum weight it will be required to hold is a mere 30 lbs., although it is capable of holding much more.

The basket is able to be stacked, which is efficient for factory carrying-costs. The basket of each basket works as a lid for the basket underneath it. The material used is 304 stainless steel. The basket is made to go through a cleaning process that uses a cleaning solvent for seven minutes and heats up to 143F. It is an extremely durable basket, although this basket will only go through moderate vibration and abuse. It holds four head assemblies vertically in the basket. Four rotor assemblies can also fit inside horizontally. 

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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