Wire Baskets - 1194001

Ultrasonic Mesh Wire Baskets

A leader in the chemical cleaning industry came to Marlin Steel for this project. Marlin Steel Wire Basket #1194001 features a mesh material with tight open space between the wires to hold smaller parts. This allows the cleaning solvents to easily go through each part of the product. This basket goes through a washer and will be exposed to water, detergent and citric acid for up to two hours in each solution. This is an extremely durable basket; the client states it will need to be exposed to temperatures of up to 175F for a couple hours.

This is a great design if you're looking to reduce carrying-cost for your factory floor. It can be stacked to save space. This client needed it to hold 10 lbs., but it can easily hold much more than that. Handles at either end allow this basket to be transported with ease. It will not be carried by any machinery, only bare hands. As always, Marlin Steel can tweak any of these options to make the best basket for your needs.

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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