Wire Basket with Dividers 388009

Ultrasonic Cleaning Wire Baskets

With large handles and lots of small, separated compartments, this basket can put lots of parts through an ultrasonic cleaning cycle at once without risk of the parts colliding. A leader in the aerospace industry for technological innovation and defense products needed this basket for ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing. This company used a harsh ultrasonic cleaning system that the basket needed to be able to stand.

The ultrasonic cleaning process lasts for five minutes and heats up to 170F. Marlin Steel can easily make a basket that can fit with your tolerances like they did with this client. The basket is handled without machinery, by hand.

This basket also features dividers for 10 cells. Many products are able to fit inside without scratching or chipping. This basket can be easily customized to fit any product perfectly inside the dividers. The coating can also be customized for your basket's application. Wire Basket #38809 was designed without a coating, made with plain stainless steel. 


Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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