Wire Basket with Handles and Lid 718005

Custom Basket with Handles and Lid to Better Serve Your Parts

This custom rectangular wire basket with handles and lid is perfect for your wash processes. Major automotive manufacturers have relied on this wire basket to ensure their parts are free of debris and grime. It's designed with raised tolerances for stacking, so it takes up less space on your factory floor.

It's a versatile item. It can also be used for transporting. If you're using plastic baskets during your manufacturing process, you're likely experiencing damage and scratches. This in turn means that they will have a shorter replacement time. This basket can be used for many different manufacturing processes; all of them will deliver you greater efficiency during the manufacturing process.

The basket provides superior protection for your delicate products. In the automotive industry, it's been used for cleaning parts, such as parts found in shock absorbers and and power steering systems. The woven mesh material allows solvents to easily rinse through your products, offering a superior clean.

Marlin Steel can easily etch your company's name on the handles of the basket to further carry out your brand in every step of the manufacturing process. See what Quality Engineered Quick® can do for you. 

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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