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Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel Wire Basket #778002 is a heavy-duty crosswire basket. The client we created it for only needed it to hold a mere 20 lbs, but it can hold much more. Instead of weaving the wires together with the frame and relying on pressure to keep the piece together, every intersection is welded to provide the maximum possible structural integrity and strength.

This client used this basket for storage for a denaturalizing broth. The dimensions of this particular basket are 16"x9"x5", although it can be easily customized to fit your need. Another specification needed for this basket was its ability to withstand high temperatures and a harsh wash cycle. The basket can stand up to 250F for up to 20 minutes at a time. The pressure during the wash cycle can reach 21 psi. The client also asked that this basket be rust resistant. 

Made from grade 316 stainless steel, this basket is tough enough to withstand more intense wash cycles than a plain steel basket could. It's also designed to be able to stack, which cuts down on factory carrying-cost. 

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