Dolby Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets - 780004 & 780006

Dolby_3D_logoGet Dolby 3D glasses to moviegoers faster with fast drying air-flow racks.

The Dolby 3D steel wire basket features a very robust design. Capacity:
Dolby 3D Reusables (CAT832) 60 pair; Dolby 3D Glass Reusables (CAT834) 48 pair.

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Marlin Steel part #780004 holds all 3 styles of glasses 
Marlin Steel part #780006 only holds CAT834 and Children
  • Initial Theater Feedback - We have received very positive feedback from early customers noting significant improvements in operational efficiency, lower operating costs and less space needed for Dolby 3D glasses storage.
  • Universal Design - New design accommodates current and new glasses, mix and match, in any orientation.
  • Fewer Baskets Needed - Reduces the number of baskets needed per Dolby 3D theater installation.
  • Lowers initial investment Cost - Price of new tray is similar to current tray, but theaters need fewer of them.
  • More Glasses - This new design holds 60 pairs of the Reusable 3D glasses, or 48 Glass Reusable 3D glasses
  • More Productive Cleaning - Significantly increases the number of glasses washed per cycle to 120, and uses
    • Less energy
    • Less chemicals
    • Less water
    • Less operational overhead
  • Less Space - Reduces the storage area needed for Dolby 3D glasses
  • More Productive Loading/Unloading - Easier to load and unload the glasses, and improves theater logistics in moving glasses around.
  • Improved Quality - Helps reduce spotting by
    • Keeping the lenses vertical
    • Allows the theater staff to shake the tray to get rid of excess water, without dislodging the glasses
  • Green Baskets - The new design reduces the environmental impact during manufacturing. On a per screen basis (assuming 450 glasses), this new design utilizes:
    • 90% fewer welds
    • 91% fewer grinding operations
    • 70% less length of steel wire
    • Fewer trays to ship = less carbon emissions from transportation
    • Less packaging materials

Dolby 3D Movie Glasses


Marlin Steel part #780004
  • This design holds all 4 styles of glasses
    (832, 834, 8461 (adult version) and 8459 (child version)).
  • Although, CAT832 glasses fit the best!
  • CAT834 and Children are loose fit.
Marlin Steel part #780006
  • This design only holds CAT834 and Children.
  • It will not hold CAT832.
dolby-cat832 dolby-cat834 
dolby-cat834  dolby-cat832child