Wire Basket 938015

Stacking Custom Basket Design to Hold Multiple Parts

In this custom basket design, the customer needed a custom basket that could maximize open space so that parts could be inserted and removed easily, while still holding the parts securely in place. On top of that, this basket would hold three different parts at once so that final assembly of these three parts into a product could be streamlined after the wash process was done.

To this end, the basket was designed using custom-bent steel wires to hold the parts in place. With the specially-shaped wires, the parts could each nestle securely inside of the basket during the wash, but still be readily accessible for removal. This basket design helped the customer streamline production workflows, saving precious time and labor on final assembly.

Another benefit of this design is its ability to stack while fully loaded, which allowed part loads to take up minimal floor space when waiting for the next phase of the finishing process.

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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