Wire Baskets with Lids - 986002

Custom Wire Baskets Perfect for Ultrasonic Cleaning

Wire Basket #986002 was created to be used during ultrasonic cleaning. The client Marlin Steel designed it for needed it to hold silicone parts during their cleaning process. All Marlin Steel's basket are custom made, specific to each order. This particular client needed it to hold a mere 1 lb., however it is capable of holding much more than that. It will be handled by hand with gloves; there is no conveyor system involved. As always, Marlin Steel promises that this basket will be free of burrs and sharp edges.

All of our baskets are made out of durable stainless steel; the coating can be added based on the application it's being used for. In this case, stainless steel 316 was used with a Teflon coating. It's capable of being exposed to the client's wash process, which can heat the basket up to 250F for four hours. Marlin Steel Wire Basket #986002 features lids, dividers, handles and is able to be stacked. 

Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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