Aerospace Parts Cleaning/Custom Baskets

Custom metal washing baskets effectively hold tools, workpieces, and other components throughout the cleaning process. The carrier's durable construction allows water and cleaning solutions to make full contact with the parts, including hard-to-reach surfaces. In the aerospace industry, specialized parts washing baskets play a crucial role in effective cleaning.

Learn how to select the best metal basket for your aerospace parts and the solutions available at Marlin Steel. You can also explore the wide variety of In Stock wire baskets we have readily available.

Selecting the Best Metal Basket for Your Aerospace Parts Cleaning Application

Most parts cleaning baskets are made of steel wire mesh, expanded metal, or sheet metal. Each type offers a variety of benefits and limitations depending on the type of aerospace parts they will carry. For example, expanded metal and wire mesh carriers offer plenty of open space that allows air to flow and liquids to drain from the basket. These designs make the drying process faster while keeping chemicals from remaining in the carrier and causing excessive corrosion or staining.

Sheet metal baskets offer an ideal solution for applications with small components, as this type of parts washing basket is constructed without openings to prevent items from falling out. Sheet metal carriers are stronger than expanded metal or wire mesh baskets of the same thickness.

Choosing the best basket material for the critical cleaning of aerospace parts depends on the parts washing process and type of application. Other factors that come into play when deciding on the best type of parts cleaning basket for an application include:

  • Cost
  • Weight of Basket
  • Sharpness of Edges
  • Drainage and Airflow
  • Suitability for Rough Use

The chemical cleaning of aerospace engine components typically requires specialized equipment such as stainless steel or wire mesh carriers.

Stainless Steel – Material Benefits for Parts Cleaning

The most recognizable categories of steel alloys are plain steel and stainless steel. Plain steel is a good choice for standard material handling applications that do not require contact with corrosive chemicals or water. The material is durable, cost-efficient compared to other alloys, and readily available. 

However, since ultrasonic parts cleaning, vapor degreasing, sterilization, and other cleaning methods require water and chemical cleaners, unprotected plain steel would rapidly corrode or oxidize, dramatically shortening the life of a parts washing basket. The need to frequently replace the baskets can drive up costs, and failures during production may cause damage to processed parts or production equipment.

Aircraft-grade stainless steel baskets facilitate better parts cleaning than aerospace-grade aluminum and other plain steel alternatives. Stainless steel is longer-lasting, has a higher tensile strength, and is corrosion-resistant due to its oxide layer. Stainless steel also has a higher melting point and shear modulus compared to other aerospace metals. 

These features make stainless steel an ideal material for constructing aerospace parts washing baskets, which must withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperatures through many cleaning cycles. For these reasons, approximately 80-90% of the work performed by Marlin Steel involves stainless steel, the most common grades being 304 and 316.

Small Aerospace Parts Washing

Even the smallest critical aerospace parts must be able to meet extremely tight tolerances to ensure the final product is functional, safe, and ready to be used in repeated aircraft applications. To maintain tight tolerances, these parts typically undergo ultrasonic cleaning to remove surface contaminants that could develop into flaws and lead to part failure.

To clean and carry these small aerospace parts, perforated stainless steel sheet metal baskets with dividers can keep parts separated during the cleaning process. This type of carrier prevents direct part-to-part contact, eliminating the risk of surface dents or scratches that could ruin the parts’ functionality. A hinged lid can keep parts secure while being easy for workers to open.

Washing Basket Additions – Dividers and Handles

Custom-formed dividers can compartmentalize parts cleaning baskets to allow easier simultaneous washing of different components. In addition to saving time and money, custom dividers can hold the parts in place, prevent excessive rattling, and keep items from being damaged. Removable and welded basket dividers are available for a wide variety of applications.

Other add-ons, such as handles, simplify the aerospace parts washing process. Handles make it simpler and more efficient for employees to carry the parts cleaning baskets from one stage to the next.

Custom Aerospace Parts Washing Baskets from Marlin Steel

The aircraft parts cleaning process must be as precise as possible to avoid damaging small-scale and large-scale components. Marlin Steel manufactures custom wire baskets (as well as carts to hold them) designed to withstand chemicals and other harsh conditions of the washing process, such as chemical baths and ultrasonic cleaners. Our stainless steel wire mesh baskets prevent parts from escaping during washing. The carriers are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate varying sizes of aerospace components that need cleaning.

All of our custom wire basket solutions are made in the U.S. at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, where we engineer, design, manufacture, and distribute wire baskets for various industries and applications.

Since 1968, Marlin Steel has built a reputation for outstanding quality, providing custom wire baskets as well as circular floats, pushers, shaft carts, and more that meet even the most stringent industry requirements and specifications. We use FEA Analysis to test custom basket designs to ensure they meet all relevant industry standards and operating conditions.

Our capabilities and experience allow us to deliver superior-quality custom wire baskets quickly and efficiently. Working closely with our customers, we utilize the latest design technology to optimize each design for its intended operation, submitting detailed AutoCAD and SolidWorks designs for customer approval.

Marlin Steel can design the ideal aerospace parts washing baskets for your application, refining and testing them according to the following requirements:

Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions
Weight Weight Weight
Material Specifications Material Specifications Material Specifications
Strength Strength Strength
Functionality Functionality Functionality
Protection for Delicate Components Protection for Delicate Components Protection for Delicate Components

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