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No Scratching Parts
  • 100% Coated in Truck Bedliner so it will not mar the finish of your parts.
  • Neoprene Foam Loctite to the top of the circumference of the protective side wall and the bumper guards so resting parts on the top inadvertently will not harm the part.
  • Expanded Metal Base so debris, dirt, metal shavings and fasteners exit out the base so your parts will not scratch and abrade delicate parts.

Part Safety

  • Adjustable Ratchet Straps to Constrain parts that are tall so no parts lean over and fall out.
  • Robust Tubular Frame Design so heavy parts are safe with a solid base to last grueling industrial environments.
  • Thick Steel Side Wall protects parts from getting hit on the side from forklifts or adjacent obstructions.
  • Expanded metal base – provides openings for bolts/debris to exit out the bottom – reducing the chance of screw scratching turbine, requiring rework.

Employee Safety

  • 30-pound pull ratio - good for employee’s backs - this will reduce the chance of a strain.
  • Foam envelopes the top of the sheet metal walls and around the bottom protecting hands.
  • Easy Gliding Casters so smooth ride and easy for employees to move product.

Easy To Transport Parts

  • Solid casters to hold up to 600 pounds GE, Pratt Whitney, or Rolls Royce system – safely move through the facility.
  • Forklift Friendly
  • Pallet Jack Friendly
  • ”Marlin Pusher” moves Float around seamlessly with adjustable handle for short or tall employees to operate.
  • Pusher is sold separately.

36” Circular Float


48” Circular Float


60” Circular Float


Marlin Pusher