A Marlin Steel Case Study: Steel Wire Baskets for Parts Washing

March 4, 2013 | Custom Wire Baskets, Marlin Steel Case Studies

Marlin Steel parts washing basket for Caterpillar Marlin Steel parts washing basket for Caterpillar

Caterpillar has a large “reman” operation in Mississippi that remanufactures parts for resale to its network of dealers. It needed high quality steel wire material handling containers to carry out the reman plant’s mission of “clean it, machine it.” The baskets needed to withstand 185-degree Fahrenheit baths in a caustic chemical solution.

Cat Reman was pleased that it turned to Marlin Steel. The original purpose was to Marlin Steel Case Studycarry up to 15 pounds of fuel pump cams, but the basket has also proved sturdy enough to carry, wash and protect other parts.

Marlin baskets continue to help Marlin Steel parts washing basket  printCaterpillar carry out the unit’s green, sustainable mission of recycling remanufactured parts.

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