5 Benefits of Using Galvanized Steel For Wire Handles

December 1, 2020 | Wire Handles

Many different industries use galvanized steel wire handles to help them transport or carry their products from one location to another. These kinds of wire handles are a great choice for professional and personal projects because they provide a wide array of benefits for most industries to take advantage of.wire-handles-white-bg-2-square

Let's explore some background information about galvanized steel for wire handles including its benefits, how they are made, and the things you should consider before you place an order.

What Is Galvanized Steel?

Galvanized steel is steel that has undergone the galvanizing process, where a zinc coating is applied to it to ensure protection and prevent rusting.

Galvanized steel is often used for outside structures, like balconies, ladders, walkways, stairways, building frames, and more. It is also used in a variety of outdoor industries, such as the paint industry due to its ability to resist corrosion caused by outside weather conditions.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel

Here are the five benefits of using galvanized steel for wire handles.

Resistant to Corrosion

Regular steel is composed of iron that rusts and breaks down when it exposed to high levels of humidity or moisture. Galvanized steel is coated, which provides it with a physical barrier that is resistant to moisture.

This means that galvanized steel will not corrode when exposed to water or humidity. 

Low Cost

Galvanized steel tends to be more cost effective than most other treated or coated steels. It is also ready to be used upon delivery because it does not require surface preparations, inspections, coatings, or paintings.

This spares customers additional preparation costs when they purchase galvanized steel.

Long Life Expectancy

Industrial steel is expected to last longer when it undergoes the galvanizing process. For instance, galvanized steel can last about 20 years with water exposure and up to 50 years in most other environments. 

Tough Coating

The zinc coating that is added to steel during the galvanizing process makes it extremely resistant to rust. The zinc coating is essentially a protective buffer that shields the steel from oxygen and moisture. 

Complete Protection

Thanks to the process of galvanization, galvanized steel is incredibly protective. The coating of zinc that is applied during the galvanization process helps provide that added layer of protection. 

In fact, even sharp corners and recesses that aren't able to be protected with other coatings can actually be resistant to damage. 

How Galvanized Wire Handles Are Made

Wire handles are made from high quality pieces of carbon steel through a series of processes, such as drawing, annealing, acid pickling, hardening by redrawing, and other processes. These processes equip the galvanized handles with good tensile strength, high corrosion resistance, and a thick zinc coating layer.

Most often, steel is galvanized through a hot dip galvanizing process (HDP) where the sheets of steel are passed through a vat of molten zinc. The zinc bonds to the iron present in the steel, and the steel can then be spun into a finished part, such as a wire handle.

The wire can then be cut and bent into the proper sizes and shapes to fit the buckets or paint pails they will be used for.

Choosing the Right Handle For Your Product: Things to Consider

Before you choose your American-made Marlin Steel wire handles, consider these three things.

Product Weight

You don't want your handle to give way under pressure when you are moving your buckets or pails from one place to another. 

There are different wire handles for different product weights. Make sure you select a one gallon bucket handle for products that are lighter in weight. For instance, a one gallon handle is best used for paint pails or buckets that hold approximately eight to 11 lbs of liquid. 

A five gallon bucket handle can accommodate about five times the weight of a one gallon handle. For heavier loads, select the five gallon Marlin wire handle.

Product Size

The size of your product matters for the wire bucket handle you choose. You'll need a handle that leaves enough room for your hand and your products.

If you have larger products to carry in your buckets or pails, you may want to go with a five gallon handle with a great shape that makes carrying your product easy and more comfortable.

Grip or No Grip

Wire handles designed for holding heavy materials should be paired with a plastic handle grip for maximum comfort and ease of use. The handle is specially designed to keep your hands safe while you carry your buckets, pails, or paint cans. 

Ask the pail wire handle experts at Marlin Steel, the largest pail handle supplier in the U.S., about the handles that are right for your needs. When you place an order, you'll be sure to receive the highest quality steel products fast!

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