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How to Choose the Right Pail Wire Handle for Your Application

While buckets and other objects for carrying and transporting materials may be equipped with other attachments to help ease transportation such as a bucket with wheels, pails have handles. Because of their design, which

What Are Bucket Handles and How Can They Be Used?

Everyday we interact with objects, whether at work or home, without giving much thought to their construction or manufacturing, until they don’t perform the way we’d like. When transporting materials in a bucket, we

5 Benefits of Using Galvanized Steel For Wire Handles

Many different industries use galvanized steel wire handles to help them transport or carry their products from one location to another. These kinds of wire handles are a great choice for professional and personal

Marlin Steel Acquires Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation

Marlin Steel acquired on Friday the assets of Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation (BAWFC).