Case study: Others couldn’t hold up to the quality Marlin could

March 18, 2013 | Custom Wire Baskets, Stainless Steel Baskets, Marlin Steel Case Studies

Marlin Steel basket for BorgWarnerBorgWarner, a global leader in powertrain solutions, produces vehicle transmission modules. It needed stainless steel baskets to hold module components as they passed through an industrial washer before assembly. The wash baskets were important because foreign matter on the solenoid could impair the performance of the transmission modules. BorgWarner ordered stackable Kadon-style parts washing baskets from Marlin with handles, a woven steel mesh exterior and custom lids. The precise fit and firm seal of the cover was particularly important to protect the components during the wash operation. So was the baskets’ ability to withstand high wash temperatures. BorgWarner said it had tried another supplier with lesser results.

Engineer Testimonial


Marlin Steel baskets for BorgWarner Marlin Steel baskets for BorgWarner

“Over time, they couldn’t hold up to the kind of quality that Marlin could output,” said a BorgWarner manufacturing engineer.“Marlin Steel is the standard for what we use.”

Marlin Steel Case StudyMarlin makes a variety of Kadon Parts Washing Baskets: large, small, nesting, with locking lids, with compression lids and with locking lid inserts.