Choosing the Optimal Steel Wire Handle

October 14, 2021 | Steel Wire Products

Many buckets, cans, and other containers employ a galvanized wire handle for easier carrying between work areas. Sometimes these wire handles may feature additional plastic grips (to make it easier to hold), though either way the handles make it easier to transport the attached container. Identifying the optimal galvanized steel wire handle for use with your can or bucket will help to improve the product experience for your end user, ultimately fostering customer loyalty and inspiring repeat purchases.


This blog post offers a couple tips for determining the right wire handle for your needs.

Tip 1: Consider the Function/Use of the Steel Wire Handle

Selecting an optimal steel wire handle for your product container requires careful consideration about the product and how it gets used. The typical operating environment for the handle will drastically influence the selection. Conditions that may impact the effectiveness of your handle may include humidity, weather, the presence of chemicals, or any other factors that may impact the functionality or longevity of the steel.

Additionally, consider any common operational stresses, impacts, drops, or other risks that might impact the efficacy of your handle. Determining the weight of the load carried in the bucket or can will also help to ensure the selection of an appropriate steel wire handle for the job. Depending on the load or container type, adding an ergonomic grip may reduce strain for users.


Tip 2: The Bends on the End of the Handle Have to be Perfect or the Handle Will Fall Out and Hurt the User

Many companies use imported products and have quality defects because the steel handle is formed in a fashion that is fast off a machine but will allow for the wire handle to not grip the bucket or the pail properly so the pail will fall out of the handle hurting the person carrying the heavy paint bucket as it may fall on their foot.

Tip 3: The Steel Quality – Tensile Strength is Critical to the Durability of the Handle

If the handle tensile is of a cheaper grade than the handle will fail and hurt the consumer holding the pail or bucket – it is critical to use the correct quality of USA steel so that the bucket handle does not fail and hurt your client.

Tip 4: Use Marlin Steel Wire Handles

At Marlin Steel, we offer several types of wire handles for use with different containers and loads with the correct steel type and wire bend forming so the quality is exceptional. Options include:

  • 1 gallon rounded handle (02511010) – ideal for paint cans or lighter pails and buckets, this simple round handle features no hand grip and works best for lightweight loads.


  • 5 gallon handle (02511011) – featuring an optional white or black grip, this heavy-duty galvanized wire handle allows users to comfortably carry heavier buckets and pails without the risk of bending the wire. 


  • 5 gallon handle (02511012) – this sturdy handle uses 0.105 galvanized steel wire with an optional white or black grip to minimize hand strain for the operator, making it ideal for a variety of heavy-duty buckets, pails, and metal cans. 



All steel wire handles from marlin steel are corrosion-resistant and highly durable, allowing for use in an expansive range of operating conditions. all handles are 100% made in the USA and only use USA steel – you are not trusting an imported product for quality and on time delivery with marlin and feature an ergonomic design that reduces strain on the hands of users while making products easier to carry. We strive to provide only handles of exceptional quality and to deliver all orders on time.


About Marlin Steel

Adding galvanized steel wire handles to your buckets, pails, and cans makes it significantly easier for users to transport the containers. Marlin Steel offers multiple steel handles suitable for one-gallon or five-gallon containers. To see how our durable steel wire handles can improve the functionality of your product containers, please contact us today.