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Should Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Use Steel or Plastic Baskets and Racks?

Between meeting large production quotas, strict production tolerances, and upholding stringent sanitation standards, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have their work cut out for them.

The Difference Between Stiffness, Strength & Hardness in Metal Manufacturing

There seems to be some confusion out there about the difference between strength and stiffness in metal. After all, isn’t strong metal stiff, and stiff metal strong?

5 Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel for Pharma Applications

There are many different ways to finish a custom metal form. From sanding the surface to roughen or smooth it out, to passivating it, to electroplating, to dipping it in a polymer, to electropolishing it, the options

Is 316 Stainless Steel Worth the Extra Cost over 304?

5 Uses for Inconel and Why to Use it [+ Examples]

Inconel® is a material that is specifically optimized for some of the toughest use conditions to be found in manufacturing. Even compared to stainless steel, Inconel® has an incredibly high tolerance for extreme heat,

What Makes Stainless Steel “Stainless?”

Stainless steel is well-known for being resistant to corrosion from things that make plain steel and iron rust in short order. However, many people don’t know why stainless steel is “stainless” and why it’s a

5 Steps to Follow for Optimal Medical Parts Cleaning

In the medical equipment manufacturing and healthcare provider industries, sanitation is an

How to Create Custom Parts Washing Baskets for the Automotive Industry

Custom parts washing baskets for automotive applications can help vehicle manufacturers improve their