How Heavy Duty Parts Baskets Can Save You Space, Time, and Money

April 7, 2016 | Custom Wire Baskets

Heavy duty parts baskets come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.Manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and other industries that frequently make large, complicated pieces of equipment face numerous challenges. There are always certain deadlines, production tolerances, and resource limitations to deal with.

Saving time, money, and factory floor space are all important for manufacturers that wish to be more competitive. One way to meet all three of these goals is to use the right heavy duty parts baskets for your production processes.

How can a custom heavy duty parts basket save you time, space, and money in your manufacturing process? Here’s how:

Saving Space

 The saying that “less is more” is all too true in manufacturing. In most factories, floor space is at a premium, and each piece of equipment has a certain footprint. If you don’t have enough floor space, conditions get cramped, reducing operational safety & efficiency. So, saving room is a major concern.

Custom steel wire mesh baskets can address the space issue in several ways, including:

  • By being made to stack several units high, custom baskets can reduce their floor space imprint, even when fully loaded.
  • Empty baskets that nest severely reduce the floor space needed to store empty baskets.
  • Some heavy duty baskets can be made to fold or collapse when not in use to save space.

For many manufacturers, using stacking or nesting baskets is the best option for saving space. Folding baskets take extra time to set up and put away, and the integrity of the frame can be compromised by the folding mechanism. Solid welded wire mesh baskets tend to have higher weight capacities and longer useful life.


Saving Time

On average, parts manufacturers put their products through 8-10 different wash processes to get parts ready for shipping/final assembly. Each time a part has to be rewashed or reprocessed, time is wasted and shipping is delayed.

Custom steel wire parts washing baskets can save time in several ways. For example, a custom mesh basket that’s designed to maximize air flow can speed up the drying process, reducing the time needed for parts to dry in between wash cycles.

Making drainage of runoff easier also reduces the chances for contaminants to re-deposit on parts, reducing the need for extra wash cycles. Also, by protecting parts from getting damaged during intense wash processes, you can save time and material on remaking or reworking those parts.

Saving Money

Custom heavy duty wire containers for parts can save money in several ways:

  • Reducing Reworks. As mentioned earlier, by keeping parts from getting damaged, you can save money on remaking/reworking parts.
  • Providing Longer Useful Life. A custom wire container that is engineered for durability can significantly outlast a commodity basket. This reduces the need to constantly reorder baskets, saving money.
  • Reducing Labor Used Per Part Made. When a basket is customized for ease of handling and faster processing, you can reduce the total amount of labor you consume for each part you manufacture.

The exact amount of money that you can save depends on your processes and labor used.

However, say that you can normally produce 200 parts per hour of labor, and a custom basket design increased your output by just 10% through time saved on reworks and processing. That would be an extra 160 parts made every shift, almost like getting an extra hour’s worth of labor per shift.

With the right custom parts basket, saving time, money, and space is easy.

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