In-Stock Steel Wire Basket for Chemical Conversion Lines

December 20, 2017 | Steel Wire Products, Case Study

This stainless steel wire basket features both a lid and a removable divider so you can use it for both large and small parts as needed.Many manufacturers face problems with maximizing the efficiency of their internal processes on short notice. One aerospace company recently had an issue with one of their chemical conversion lines.

The system that they were using was a largely manual one, and this created a lot of drag in the speed of their manufacturing process for small aircraft parts. Why was this process dragging behind in productivity? Because the chemicals used in the conversion line would not drain from the old baskets they were using very quickly and consistently.

This required that the process be a manual one, in which an employee would have to physically check the basket to make sure it had finished draining before moving it along to the next step. The manufacturer needed a basket design that could be integrated smoothly with an automated solution and could drain quickly to avoid problems later on, and they needed it ASAP.

Thankfully, Marlin had stock wire baskets that fit the bill perfectly: such as basket #00-02035003-38!

Why This Steel Wire Basket?

The client’s major issue with their current chemical conversion process was that the baskets weren’t draining quickly enough—meaning that a person had to physically verify that the chemicals had drained from the basket before moving on to the next phase. If the unreliability of the draining procedure could be eliminated, then the process of moving the basket and its contents to the next manufacturing phase could be automated.

This basket solved that issue by maximizing the open space between wires and a lid was added to the basket so it could be rotated without allowing parts to fall out. This helped improve the drainage of the basket, so the held parts would dry quickly and consistently.

Another feature of this stock wire basket is its grade 304 stainless steel construction. This stainless alloy can resist repeated exposure to the mild chemicals involved in the client’s chemical conversion process.

Finally, this basket’s use of dividers allowed the client to store multiple small parts in the basket without the risk of the parts colliding with one another and getting damaged. This would be invaluable for helping the client increase their production throughput by:

  1. Increasing the number of parts that could be processed at once; and
  2. Reducing the need for reworks by preventing damage to the held parts.

Filling Needs Quickly

The client needed a few dozen baskets to achieve optimum efficiency in their production process. Marlin was able to quickly fill their needs with the stock basket since scores of each in-stock basket are kept assembled and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.

By rapidly delivering the in-stock basket solution, the client was able to use the stock baskets to fulfill their needs without excessive delays. In fact, for most U.S.-based manufacturing clients, in-stock basket shipments can be delivered in as little as two business days.

Do you need a high-quality, rugged wire form for your heavy-duty manufacturing needs as soon as possible? Then check out the in-stock baskets page right now!