How Marlin Steel's Wire Baskets Helped Combat the Tide Black Market

January 25, 2013 | American Manufacturing

Detergent basket with klid/Marlin Steel Detergent basket with lid/Marlin Steel

Strange story on ABC News this morning about the black market in Tide laundry detergent, a persistent quandary for law enforcement from Colorado to Maryland. Tide is a universal product with a huge resale market and it's hard to track. Oddly enough, Marlin Steel has a small role in helping thwart the problem: Steel wire detergent baskets made here with hinged covers are used in institutional laundries. They help keep the product under lock in settings where it might be vulnerable to theft. ... Happy to do our part.

We're beginning to think the phrase should be changed to "Six Degrees of Marlin Steel."

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