Marlin Steel Acquires Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation

November 16, 2020 | News, Publications & Events, Wire Handles

Marlin Steel acquired on Friday the assets of Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation (BAWFC).

BAWFC is the oldest and largest wire handle company in the USA – specializing in pail handles, bucket handles, paint can handles, and wire handles with and without grips for plastic or steel cans. BAWFC exports throughout the world.

Marlin is hiring all the BAWFC staff and moving all the equipment into Marlin’s state-of-the-art facility located in Baltimore MD. BAWFC's president, Charlie Jenkins, who has worked at BAWFC since he was ten, has become a part of Marlin Steel's dedicated family.

marlin-wire-handleLike Marlin Steel, BAWFC, founded in 1966 is a family-owned business and has grown nicely over the years. Their factory is located only 3.8 miles away from Marlin Steel. BAWFC and Marlin manufacture only in the USA and will continue that policy moving forward. All the steel they use is manufactured in the USA.

Jenkins will be bringing his dedication to quality and institutional knowledge with him to Marlin. This will create a smooth transition for BAWFC clients since the same equipment, same tooling and same team will be making the pail handles – just in a new location.

The Future of Marlin Steel and BAWFC

Marlin Steel President, Drew Greenblatt, shared with the BAWFC clients that “Marlin is looking forward to taking care of all of your pail handle requirements for the next 50 years and beyond. Marlin excels with fulfillment, providing deep inventory and same day shipment to clients like Grainger, McMaster Carr, Thermo Fisher and Baxter. We create long-term blanket orders so they get same day shipping and no drama so there is no interruption in their supply chain. We are like clockwork.”

These BAWFC are stock items for Marlin Steel:

Marlin Part # BAWFC Part # Description  Material Grip Color Picture
02511010 C-1080 1 Gallon Rounded Handle 12 GA - .105 Galvanized Wire N N/A 02511010


02511011 N-701 5 Gallon Handle 10 GA - .135 Galvanized Wire Y White/Black 02511011


02511012 590038 5 Gallon Handle 9 GA - .145 Galvanized Wire Y White/ Black marlin-wire-handle


02511013 50201-F 1 Gallon Handle 12 GA - .105 Galvanized Wire N White/Black 02511013


Marlin Steel will also be expanding its factory space by 56 percent in the next few weeks to accommodate the new BAWFC team and an intense capital campaign to keep up with growing sales.

Charlie Jenkins said “During this new acquisition, Marlin looks forward to meeting our client’s needs and upholding the BAWFC legacy of quality for decades to come. We did it for the last fifty years and Marlin will do it for the next 50 years.”

For more information on this new transition or to order wire pail handles, contact Marlin Steel.

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