Marlin Steel Adds Timesavers 2200 Series Deburring Machine

July 10, 2018 | Robotic Manufacturing

timesavers-deburring-machineMarlin Steel is dedicated to providing “Quality, Engineered Quick®” to manufacturers in different industries across the globe. One of the ways in which Marlin ensures top-quality results in its custom wire and sheet metal forms is by using various factory automation technologies.

The investments that Marlin has made in factory automation allow Marlin’s production team to achieve incredibly consistent results on every custom metal forming project. From band saws, to CNC punches, to rotary presses, to automated MFDC welders and wire bending machines, Marlin has the right automation tools to tackle almost any custom wire bending or sheet metal forming application.

However, to stay on top of the latest manufacturing tools and techniques—and to keep pace with demand for Marlin’s high-quality manufacturing baskets—the Marlin team is continuously adding new automation tools to the factory floor.

One of Marlin’s newest additions is a Timesavers 2200 Series dry deburring machine.


What It Does

This machine is designed to strip any protrusions from the surface of a completed manufacturing basket—eliminating burrs and sharps that can be left over from certain other manufacturing processes.

The 2200 series can also aid in finishing parts by grinding down surfaces to make them smoother and thinner. Unlike the wet belt sander that Marlin already has, this machine doesn’t use a lubricant to cool down the grinding surfaces—hence the term “dry” deburring.

Instead, a set of 1-3 drum and/or bash-type heads driven by a 30 horsepower motor grind down steel surfaces at a feed speed between 15 and 45 feet per minute (depending on the program settings).

The lack of lubricant means the machine’s contact surfaces will run hotter, but there’s also no need to collect, sift, and recycle lubricant, either.

Why Marlin is Adding This Machine

The primary purpose for adding this machine is to expand Marlin’s production capabilities to help serve more clients with a wider variety of surface finish requirements. The dry deburring machine not only adds more deburring capacity to Marlin’s production line, it also adds a different type of deburring action to the list of deburring methods available to Marlin.

This, in turn, will help Marlin better serve the needs of companies that need a particular kind of finish.

This machine is just one of several being added to the Marlin Steel factory floor as part of a planned $1.2 million renovation project that will add more capacity to Marlin’s facilities. Be sure to check future blogs for more information about some of the other machines being added to Marlin’s repertoire of tools!

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