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Manufacturing automation tools have helped to make the Marlin Steel team incredibly productive and efficient. Robotic manufacturing tools such as automated welders, wire bending robots, and CNC press brakes help improve manufacturing speed and consistency.

Additionally, using robotic manufacturing tools helps to make Marlin’s factory floor safer by having robots handle the dangerous manual labor tasks that could cause injury to human workers. In fact, Marlin has gone several consecutive years without a time-lost safety incident!

Robotic TIG vs MIG Welding: How to Choose the Right Robotic Welding Process

Marlin Steel on January 6, 2021
Robotic technologies are being used more and more in manufacturing plants small and large, and even in project-based workshops. Robotic welding is a costly investment, but it also starts to improve the bottom ...

5 Automation Trends Impacting Robotic Welding Systems and Processes

Marlin Steel on November 20, 2020
American manufacturing companies adopted the use of automation systems like robotic welding to help them stay competitive in the market, keep up with demand, and work more efficiently. The ...

Marlin Steel Adds Timesavers 2200 Series Deburring Machine

Marlin Steel on July 10, 2018
Marlin Steel is dedicated to providing “Quality, Engineered Quick®” to ...

Marlin Steel Adds a Hydmech S-23A Automatic Pivot Style Band Saw

Marlin Steel on February 27, 2018
A core part of Marlin Steel’s mission to deliver “Quality, Engineered Quick®” is the integration of both advanced factory automation and the training of ...

A Look at Marlin Steel’s Wire Forming Machines & How They’re Used

Marlin Steel on December 6, 2017
As a company, Marlin Steel prides itself on providing “Quality, Engineered Quick®” by using a combination of highly-trained employees and advanced factory automation. The employees bring the engineering know-how to get ...

What Working with a Precision Engineering Company Should Be Like!

Marlin Steel on October 17, 2017
When you’re working with any engineering company to get critical metal forms, precision wire components, or other custom-engineered parts, they should provide: ...

Marlin Steel Helps Along Completion of Tanks with Custom Metal Forms

Marlin Steel on October 3, 2017
America’s military is the lynchpin that helps keep the country safe and secure. Every day, thousands of dedicated men and women put their lives on the line in service to their country so that others don’t have to. ...

NAM Executive Insights Series on Manufacturing Leadership Highlights

Marlin Steel on August 29, 2017
The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) often holds special presentations and events to promote awareness ...

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