Marlin Steel Recruits Team of Degreed Mechanical Engineers

September 8, 2014 | Mechanical Engineering

Marlin_WeldingIn many of our recent blog posts and other communications, Marlin Steel has proudly stated how many of our employees are degreed mechanical engineers (20+% of our team!).

We just hired one more, increasing our roster of engineers by 50% since the start of the year. Who is this new addition who is upping our game?

Meet Michael Aldinger

The newest member of our team is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, one of the most honored names in American education. After graduating from West Point, Michael was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, where he served our country with distinction.

During his time with the military, Mr. Aldinger flew helicopters, served as a platoon leader responsible for the lives and wellbeing of more than 20 personnel under his command (including the maintenance of $17 million dollars’ worth of equipment, in addition to four aircraft), as well as an assistant division G-3 Air strategic planner responsible for acquiring equipment and scheduling air mobility for the deployment of 30,000 personnel in the 24th infantry division.

From his time in the military, Michael, like many other dedicated servicemen, gained more than just a set of job skills; he developed discipline and a devotion to supporting the welfare of the unit.

Earlier in his career, Michael has worked with Medical Professionals with Johnson and Johnson as well as a plant manager for a large laser sheet metal fabrication facility in Pennsylvania.  

Here at Marlin Steel, Michael will work as an application engineer. He will work closely with clients across the nation, helping to develop innovative designs and engineering solutions to best meet their needs and deliver on Marlin Steel’s promise of “Quality, Engineered Quick®.”

The Marlin Steel team welcomes our nation’s former servicemen and women. Now that their active military service is concluded, many of these former soldiers still have so much to offer. By employing ex-military personnel, Marlin Steel and other manufacturers can gain the kind of disciplined and dedicated support that they need to operate at peak efficiency.

The 20 Percent Milestone

In addition to his exemplary service to his country, Michael is a degreed mechanical engineer. With this latest hire, Marlin Steel’s design team now has six degreed mechanical engineers.

What does that mean for you? Our clients benefit many ways, including:

  • More experienced engineers for consultations. Our people have the formal education and the practical experience that comes with working on custom metal forms for years, so our clients can discuss their custom wire form and basket orders on short notice.
  • More eyes on each project. The old saying that “two heads are better than one” holds true in the creation of custom metal products such as high stress wire baskets or sheet metal forms. With more engineers reviewing designs, we are more likely to find the best solution to an engineering challenge - performance-wise and cost-wise.
  • Less downtime when someone goes on vacation or takes a sick day. When multiple people can do the same work, there is a much lower risk of production paralysis due to a sick day. Another engineer with comparable knowledge and experience can cover for the missing person and keep production going.

We here at Marlin Steel are happy to welcome Mr. Aldinger to the team, and look forward to using his expertise to help provide you with the best solutions for your engineered metal form needs.

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