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5 Uses for Inconel and Why to Use it [+ Examples]

Inconel® is a material that is specifically optimized for some of the toughest use conditions to be found in manufacturing. Even compared to stainless steel, Inconel® has an incredibly high tolerance for extreme heat,

What is the Melting Point of Stainless Steel?

Steel is well-known for its incredible durability against various stress factors. The impact tolerance, tensile strength, and heat resistance of steel far

5 Things That Will Corrode Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel is widely known for resisting corrosion, it isn’t completely impervious to corrosion. Under the right (or is that wrong) circumstances,

What Makes Stainless Steel “Stainless?”

Stainless steel is well-known for being resistant to corrosion from things that make plain steel and iron rust in short order. However, many people don’t know why stainless steel is “stainless” and why it’s a

Marlin Steel Welcomes New Press Brake Trumpf TruBend 7036

The team at Marlin Steel is proud to be on the cutting edge of American manufacturing. Part of how Marlin

Inconel vs Stainless Steel: Which is Stronger?

Many of Marlin Steel’s customers want to have the absolute strongest metal possible for their custom wire forms. This often leads to questions comparing two specific metals—such as, “Is Inconel a form of stainless

What’s the Difference Between Inconel 625®, 330, and 600?

You may be familiar with the Inconel® family of high-nickel alloys. This series of alloys is well-known for its performance in

Custom Basket FAQs: What is the Melting Point of Inconel 625®?

There are a number of manufacturing processes used in different industries that rely on extremely high temperatures to achieve a specific