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Creating the perfect custom basket for your manufacturing process takes more than just a robot and a piece of software; it takes a thorough understanding of your processes and needs. Marlin’s mechanical engineers have years of experience in adjusting wire basket designs to account for the needs of many different manufacturing processes.

The years of practical experience that Marlin’s engineers have is bolstered by rigorous training via traditional classroom or online courses. These classes help Marlin’s mechanical engineering team keep their skills up to date with the latest knowledge and innovations.

Why a Custom Rolling Cart is Ideal for Sanitation in Pharmaceuticals

Marlin Steel on August 8, 2017
Sanitation is an enormous concern in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Trace contaminants in a ...

What is FEA Analysis, and Why Does Marlin Steel Use it?

Marlin Steel on August 1, 2017
For years, Marlin Steel has used Autodesk physics simulation software to test custom basket ...

3 Instances Where Plastic Coated Wire Baskets Should Be Used

Marlin Steel on July 18, 2017
For many of the custom steel wire baskets that Marlin makes, there is not much need to coat the steel in a layer of plastic polymer. In fact, it is often better to use a specialized, corrosion-resistant type of ...

4 Examples of Uses for Inconel and Why to Use it

Marlin Steel on June 29, 2017
Inconel® is a material that is specifically optimized for some of the toughest use conditions to be found in manufacturing. Even compared to stainless steel, ...

Heavy-Duty Parts Washing Baskets Designed for Forklifts

Marlin Steel on January 19, 2017
There’s more than one way to move a heavy load. Marlin Steel’s engineers have been asked to create baskets that are compatible with a number ...

4 Inconel Machining Tips You Need to Know

Marlin Steel on September 29, 2016
If your manufacturing process involves extremely high temperatures, odds are that you’ve heard of Inconel before. This high nickel alloy is extremely resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and scaling in high-temperature ...

Heavy-Duty Expanded Metal Baskets for High-Agitation Parts Washing

Marlin Steel on August 19, 2016
With delicate parts, the typical goal is to use minimally-forceful finishing processes so as not to risk damaging the part. However, there are times where to get a part finished right, some amount of force has to be ...

Why Weld Symbols Are Vital to Consistent Metal Fabrication Quality

Marlin Steel on August 8, 2016
Careful preparation is key to ensuring high quality in any manufacturing endeavor. When preparation is lacking, it can have a significant negative impact on the final product. ...