Voice Of America International Broadcast Interviews Marlin Steel

January 19, 2015 | American Manufacturing

Marlin Steel is going to be representing American manufacturing in an interview with the Voice of America which will be broadcast all over the world.Recently, Aru Pande, the White House Correspondent for Voice of America (VOA), contacted Marlin Steel regarding an Associated Press story that Marlin Steel Wire Products was featured in concerning the Marlin Steel philosophy behind incentivizing employees and growing business.

What is the Voice of America? What will the interview be about, and why is it important? Read on, and we will shed some light on the subject.

About Voice of America

As a news organization, Voice of America has a long and storied history that dates back to the Second World War. During that conflict, the VOA broadcast news programs in multiple languages to locations such as Tunis, Palermo, Germany, Italy, and many others, with the promise to tell the truth, countering propaganda efforts by the Nazis and their allies.

Despite the VOA’s role during WWII and the cold war, many Americans know little of the venerable broadcasting organization. Why? Because, unlike many news organizations, the VOA is intended almost exclusively for foreign countries/audiences.

Today, the Voice of America the largest U.S. International broadcaster, providing major news stories to countries around the globe in multiple languages. American news enthusiasts who want to see the articles the VOA posts can check them out on the VOA’s website, where they can read articles in English, Burmese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, and many more languages.

About the Story

The VOA’s interview of Marlin Steel will be a part of a larger story about the domestic U.S. economy, which will precede their coverage of the President’s State of the Union Address.

In the interview, the correspondent for VOA will discuss the methods that Marlin Steel uses to incentivize and develop employees and grow business, such as our skills matrix, bonus programs, and investments in manufacturing automation which combine to make our workers more capable and productive.

Why is this story important? One reason is that it is our chance to share our vision of how to make a better workplace with the world. We can show VOA’s foreign readers and viewers what makes American manufacturing special, and how we’re moving towards the future of manufacturing by investing in both people and technology.

Catch the VOA video using this link, and see how Marlin Steel is moving forward!

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