How Quality Ventilator Components Help with Infectious Disease Control

September 1, 2020 | Medical/Pharmaceutical

AdobeStock_271083302Over 15% of people infected with COVID-19 develop severe complications that need immediate medical help. Often times, their lungs are so inflamed that they have trouble breathing. Ventilators become key figures in helping these patients stay alive as healthcare professionals work to help them combat the virus. 

Marlin Steel has been proud to manufacture PPE for COVID-19 protection, lab testing materials, and medical equipment during this time of need. As part of the switch, Marlin’s engineers have also been producing ventilator components to provide high-quality and sterile equipment to hospitals and patients who desperately need them. 

What Are Ventilator Components?

A ventilator is a machine that pumps air - sometimes with extra oxygen - into a person’s airways when they are unable to breathe on their own. Essentially, the machine assists with two important functions: getting oxygen into the lungs and taking carbon dioxide out.

Modern ventilator systems can consist primarily of pump machines, a monitor, and a tube that is inserted into the windpipe through the nose or mouth to control the airflow. If needed, the tube can also enter through a surgical opening via tracheostomy. Although they seem like simple machines, modern ventilators are complex systems made up of a variety of monitoring components and filters to ensure they are delivering consistent results for the patient. 

Ventilator components essentially fall into four parts: power source, controls, monitors, and safety features. These can include monitoring and sanitation features such as sensors, filters, alarms, and regulators. Since these parts all work in conjunction to deliver much-needed oxygen to the patient, it’s vitally important that all ventilator components are made of the highest quality materials and engineering. 

How do Ventilators Help with Infectious Disease Control? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a light on the usefulness of ventilators in the emergency room. Coronaviruses, such as COVID-19, are a set of viruses that attack the respiratory system. Though infection due to the virus can cause a range of symptoms, the most prominent is usually respiratory-related. A host of brea


thing problems can result, ranging from mild to severe. In severe cases, COVID-19 damages the lungs and can make breathing difficult. 

While a ventilator machine doesn’t fight the COVID-19 virus, it helps support lung function so the patient can breathe as capable as possible. Non-invasive ventilators that do not require an airways tube inserted into the body but a face mask to be placed over the nose and mouth for patients with only mild to moderate COVID-19 cases. 

Ventilator components have been in high demand since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak; it has been projected that the U.S. will need almost 80,000 ventilators to combat the pandemic while nearly 900,000 are expected to be needed globally. Manufacturers of industries outside the medical field, such as Marlin Steel, have stepped up to the plate to help provide for this demand by producing PPE, medical equipment, and ventilator components. 

Benefits of Marlin Steel Ventilator Manufacturing

Marlin Steel’s ventilator components, medical equipment, and PPE for COVID-19 protection are manufactured with high-quality materials domestically so that healthcare professionals, patients, and customers can be confident that they’re receiving the most reliable equipment on the market.  


Marlin Steel manufactures the metal fabrications that form the sheet metal walls, frame, and ventilator structure for both ventilators and medical equipment suppliers. The engineers at Marlin work off prints so ventilator components will fit precisely. 

All of Marlin Steel’s high-quality ventilator components are robotically welded for the most precision possible and manufactured according to ISO standards, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the most reliable product available. Additionally, all of Marlin’s components are crafted of American-made steel; there is nothing imported from China.  


Ventilator components must be sterile so there is no risk of any contamination that may compromise the quality of the product. Marlin Steel washes each and every part manufactured forStackable Wire Basket for Commercial Washing System ventilator and medical equipment suppliers with their own stainless steel wire baskets for parts washing. Customers can be confident that components have been sanitized in the most thorough processes before being placed together. Marlin Steel wire baskets are made of stainless steel, which is non-absorbant and non-corrosive so there is no risk of cross-contamination or only a partial washing process. Doing so ensures that there is no dirt, debris, or bacteria attached to any ventilator components that may be breathed into the patient’s lungs. 

Choose Marlin Steel For High-Quality Ventilator Parts

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are thousands of healthcare professionals depending on ventilators to perform as consistently as possible to combat the virus, and thousands more of patients relying on the machines to help save their lives. High-quality and sanitized ventilator components are essential to stop the virus and help patients recover. When parts like ventilator components are needed, only products of the highest quality materials and engineering should be considered. 

If you’re looking for the right wire basket manufacturer for your medical equipment needs, reach out to the team at Marlin Steel. Marlin’s engineering team has years of experience in crafting custom stainless steel wire forms to fit a wide variety of applications, including wire baskets for ventilator parts, test tube racks, and now, PPE for COVID-19 protection. And if there isn’t a product that fits your specific specifications? Marlin Steel’s engineers can custom design one for you.