Reasons Why Your Business Could Use Our Haas VF-3 Milling Machine

November 3, 2015 | Steel Wire Products

haas-vf3._marlin_steelMachining/milling operations are a key part of creating the perfect custom metal work piece. The ability to quickly cut and shape steel or other materials to get them to conform to a precise shape can mean the difference between quickly fulfilling an order, and having to have parts languish on the production line, unable to be completed and shipped.

This is where specialized CNC milling equipment such as the Haas VF-3 comes into play. Marlin Steel relies heavily on this machine for milling tasks.

Why would your business want to take advantage of Marlin’s Haas vertical machining tool?

Here are a few good reasons:

#1: Marlin’s Haas VF-3 is Resource-Efficient

One of the natural byproducts of any milling process involving metal is metal shavings. Whether they come from the milling heads or from the metal being processed in the machine, these metal shavings represent a potentially wasted resource.

The Haas VF-3 used by Marlin Steel uses a water cooling system to keep its spindles cool during operation, preventing breaks. This water is recycled during the operation and the metal shavings that work their way into the water are extracted for recycling.

This helps to improve the overall resource efficiency of the milling process by preventing the waste of valuable metal. Also, this process is more environment-friendly since metal shavings aren’t being added to landfills.

#2: The VF-3 is Precise and Flexible

As a computer numerically-controlled (CNC) machine, the Haas VF-3 is remarkably precise at creating custom shapes in metal forms.

This precision is further aided by the remarkable mobility of the particular machine Marlin uses. By using a machine with four sets of movement axes in total (X, Y, Z, and A), this machine maintains improved control over the positioning of machining tools in relation to the orientation of the part. As a result, parts can be milled from almost any direction to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, the improved range of motion granted by the fourth axis reduces the need for changes in the tooling operation, which helps to ensure very tight part tolerances.

An enhanced probe system provides even more precision and consistency.

Put it all together, and you get very reliable production for custom-machined parts.

#3: Production of Parts on Marlin’s Milling Machine is FAST

Marlin can take CAD drawings and directly feed and convert them into the MLX files that the VF-3 uses for its control program, speeding along the production of parts quickly once the initial design phase is complete. The aforementioned water cooling system reduces the occurrence of production stoppages from overheating of the machinery.

In fact, many of Marlin’s global customers frequently receive parts faster from Marlin Steel than they would get them if they’d ordered the parts to be manufactured and shipped from within their own country!

Also, the speed with which this machine can produce custom tooling allows Marlin to create its own tooling for other custom production jobs, avoiding the expense and delays incurred by relying on another third-party tooling maker.

#4: It Allows for the Creation of Innovative Solutions

One of the big advantages of having custom milling equipment is the ability to create specialized tooling for almost any purpose you can imagine.

For example, we could build a tool that allows for welding at multiple points simultaneously, or one that can be used for force a piece of metal to conform to a specific shape.

The sky’s the proverbial limit when it comes to creating a custom piece of tooling to meet a specific production challenge. Better yet, Marlin’s production team has years of experience in creating these custom solutions.

Overall, production tools such as the Haas VF-3 allow for faster, more precise creation of custom parts in-house, which is a huge advantage.

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