The Benefits of Transferring Your Production Line to Marlin Steel

April 9, 2014 | American Manufacturing

Marlin Steel is proud to offer to manufacture your products on our production lines by transferring the line from your facility to our own. Many larger manufacturers already transfer the production of their products to other companies. For example, GM has been manufacturing their Chevy Corvette line of vehicles through Canadian manufacturers since 1992.

The benefits of transferring your manufacturing line include:

Freeing up Floor Space

The manufacturing equipment used to produce an older product takes up valuable space. You can eliminate this bulky old equipment from your factory floor by transferring the production of the item to Marlin Steel. We have the tools, knowledge, and equipment to help you quickly transfer your production of your orphan product lines to our modern metal-bending facilities so that you can focus on other, more-pressing priorities and free up space.

Our techs will work with your team to learn your processes for manufacturing to your exacting standards, and to determine if we can make your product for you with our existing equipment, or if it is necessary to use your specialized equipment. For example, you have a popular product line that you just can’t manufacture quickly enough, but there isn’t enough room in the budget for a full-blown expansion of your factory floor. You can spin off production of a less profitable product, or an easily-produced one to Marlin Steel to make room for more manufacturing equipment for your top-performing or more-complex products without undergoing a complete remodel of your existing facilities.

Convert Depreciable Assets into Revenue

Of course, shifting your production not only frees up floor space, it allows you to turn depreciable assets into revenue for your company.

How? Two ways:

  1. By converting the floor space that was used for the less-profitable, orphan product line that you transfer to us into production space for a higher-margin item. This can vastly improve your ROI per square foot of your factory.
  2. By selling the old equipment. For some types of product lines, Marlin Steel may already have the equipment necessary to start production of your orphan product lines. In such a case, you could sell the older asset to generate immediate cash.

Whether you simply send us your existing equipment or sell it, your company will increase revenue by spinning off the production of less-profitable product lines to Marlin Steel.

Giving Key Employees the Ability to Focus on Top-Level Priorities

By manufacturing a product elsewhere, you allow your key employees to move on to new and more important tasks. Does your company have an exciting new product line coming out that needs the full attention of your best manufacturing workers? Ease their load without having to go to the long-term expense of hiring and training new employees by transferring some of your manufacturing workload to Marlin Steel.

Giving You Time to Complete a Major Upgrade

Are you considering a major upgrade for your own manufacturing facilities, but don’t want key customers to wait while you complete the renovation? Transfer your manufacturing line to Marlin so that we can make your key products while your facility is being brought up to speed.

By shifting the production of your key products to Marlin Steel before beginning a renovation or equipment upgrade, you can ensure the uninterrupted flow of your products to your customers, and make sure that your competitors don’t get the chance to take your business away while your factory is down.

Naturally, this is an option primarily for businesses who expect to have portions of their production down for a long time.

Emergency Production Redundancy

Speaking of keeping production going even when your primary factory is down, by having us manufacture products, you are better prepared to handle a sudden, catastrophe at your main production facility. By moving your production line to our facilities, we can continue to manufacture your products for you and minimize disruptions caused by unforeseen emergencies.

Control over Your Expenses

Instead of facing the uncertainty of changes to your in-house labor costs, shifting your production over to Marlin Steel can help you change your fixed costs into variables. With your production being handled by our team, you don’t have to worry about hiring additional labor to keep up your production.

Finding a Dedicated Partner for Your Manufacturing

Most of all, when you contract Marlin Steel to manufacture your product lines for you, you are acquiring the support of a dedicated and reliable manufacturing partner to help you manage your orphan product lines. Marlin Steel’s manufacturing business is steadily growing, and the benefits of our automated assembly methods give us the ability to make a large variety of products with a level of precision and speed that would have been impossible previously.

We are here to help you with your manufacturing needs so that you can focus on growing your business. If you want to learn more about how you can partner your company with Marlin Steel to transfer the production of key products to us, contact us today.