Top 4 Applications for Stainless Steel Rolling Carts

August 27, 2019 | Stainless Steel Carts

This is one stainless steel cart design that is optimized for maximum air flow to dry parts quickly.Stainless steel rolling utility carts can be useful for a wide variety of applications because they make it easier to store and move large amounts of parts or materials from one point to another. Marlin Steel often makes custom stainless steel rolling carts to accompany custom wire baskets and trays.

Beyond simply carrying large numbers of baskets or trays and making them easier to move, what are the uses of a stainless steel cart with wheels? Here are some applications for stainless steel rolling carts in different industries:

1: Industrial Manufacturing and Stainless Steel Rolling Carts

Stainless steel rolling carts have a number of uses in industrial settings. One of the most common uses of stainless steel rolling utility carts in industrial manufacturing settings is to move extremely large or heavy parts from one point to another—acting essentially as a basket with wheels.

Another key use for rolling carts in an industrial setting is to act as a portable drying cabinet for manufactured parts. By loading a cart with baskets and trays and then moving it around, the parts in the cart have a chance to air dry efficiently. Rolling carts designed for this purpose often intentionally leave extra open space between the baskets or trays they carry to help improve air flow.

Industrial-grade rolling stainless steel carts are often made to survive heavy loads, rough impacts, and extreme temperatures. So, they may be heavier in construction than other rolling cart types.

2: Rolling Carts and Food Manufacturing Processes

Many companies in or related to the food manufacturing industry use stainless steel rolling carts on a daily basis. In food manufacturing plants, rolling carts provide an optimal solution for moving freshly-prepared products as they cool off.

In the food industry, rolling stainless steel carts often use a removable cover to prevent contaminants in the air from reaching food products as they wait for final packaging or processing.

For example, donut shops often put their daily supply of donuts in mobile carts with covers, and move these carts from their storage/baking area in the back of the store to the front to resupply their donut displays. By putting their trays with donuts in a large covered cart, shop employees can move all of the donuts they need to restock at once instead of having to make dozens of trips back and forth for each type of donut they need.

3: Sanitary Pharmaceutical and Medical Manufacturing with Rolling Carts

In sanitary manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical and medical products, rolling carts are often useful for moving parts between processes while minimizing the risk of contamination.

A covered stainless steel rolling cart can prevent particulates in the air from coming into contact with freshly-made or sterilized medical components, helping them to remain sterile when being moved. Additionally, the open space inside of a rolling cart allows medical and pharmaceutical products to dry efficiently between processes.

Another use for medical stainless steel rolling carts is to act as a mobile cabinet for medical instruments and equipment during clinical development trials. In such trials, development personnel might need access to a wide variety of tools and equipment—which the rolling cart makes much easier to carry between workstations.

4: Using Rolling Carts as Mobile Storage for Non-Stackable Baskets

One other use that some companies have for stainless steel rolling carts is as a mobile cabinet to hold baskets that aren’t designed to stack (or would be too heavy to safely stack when loaded).

By mounting heavy or irregularly-shaped baskets into a custom stainless steel cart, those baskets can be safely stored in a smaller area than they would be if left spread out over the factory floor. This helps to free up valuable floor space for more manufacturing equipment.

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