Why Wire Baskets Save Time and Labor on Final Assembly

February 12, 2016 | Custom Wire Baskets

dividers can help keep parts separated during the wash cycle and prevent collision damage.For many manufacturers, the parts finishing process can be just as demanding and important as the initial crafting of each part. It’s in the parts finishing process that excess burrs, sharps, contaminants, and other undesirable blemishes on a product are eliminated so that final assembly and shipping can take place.

One of the biggest challenges with any parts finishing process, whether you’re just washing parts or having them deburred, is ensuring that the process is completed efficiently so that you can save time and labor on the final assembly.

Here, having the right custom wire basket can help you save time and labor on the final assembly of your manufactured parts.

How? Here’s the short list:

1: Less Damage to Parts from Finishing Processes

One of the biggest wastes of time, labor, and material is the re-working of parts that get scuffed or damaged from the very processes that are meant to ready them for final assembly.

For example, parts can easily become scratched during an ultrasonic parts cleaning process if they’re left to float loosely in the wash and collide with one another. Or, a basket without sufficient open space can allow solvents to become trapped inside and remain in contact with parts well past when the wash cycle is finished, potentially causing surface discoloration that needs to be fixed.

When this happens, parts have to be re-processed or wholly remade before they can be shipped out, which costs time, labor, and materials.

Custom steel wire baskets can help avoid damage to your parts during your parts finishing process so that they’re good to go the first time they’re made.

For example, a custom basket might use dividers to keep parts separated during an ultrasonic wash process, preventing the collision damage that might leave scratches on the surface of these parts. Additionally, these baskets can be engineered for optimum open space to prevent solvents from sticking to the basket and the parts inside.

With the right custom basket design, damage to parts from finishing processes can be avoided, speeding along final assembly.

2: Easy Retrieval of Parts from the Basket

Another way that a custom basket design can help improve speed of final assembly is by making the parts it holds easy to retrieve from the basket for said assembly.

Many of the custom baskets that Marlin has produced for customers in the past have had dividers or other custom inserts included in the design that helps keep parts separate and organized, making them easier to manage, sort, and retrieve.

By making parts easier to retrieve, custom steel wire baskets can help save some time on the final assembly of your parts after they’re done with your parts finishing process.

3: Packing Entire Assemblies in a Single Basket

Beyond simply making it easy to retrieve parts from a basket, custom parts washing baskets can also be designed to hold many different kinds of parts. This can be achieved through using custom dividers or other inserts that are designed to hold each specific part in place.

By packing in all of the parts needed for the assembly of a product in one basket, custom parts washing baskets can make it simple to complete final assembly of a product. This saves time, helping you complete final assembly tasks faster and easier.

4: Getting Through Multiple Processes with a Single Basket

Sometimes, you need to protect parts through multiple parts finishing processes before you can begin final assembly. However, if you use a stock basket for each process, you’ll lose time moving from one process to the next as you take parts out of one basket and place them in a different basket for the next.

Using a custom basket that is optimized for multiple processes can save time by limiting the amount of basket-changing you have to do between processes. This helps you move parts along your production process faster so they can reach final assembly sooner.

These are just a few of the ways that using a custom steel wire basket for your parts can help reduce your total time and labor spent manufacturing each part. With the right basket, the task of completing parts on time and within tolerance can be made easier.

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