How Wire Baskets Keep Firearm Components Safe During Manufacturing

October 20, 2016 | Custom Wire Baskets

Animated GIF of Custom Steel Basket with Dividers. This Style Basket is Ideal for Keeping Firearm Components Separated During the Washing Process.In the firearms industry, precision is of paramount importance. Flaws in the design or production of any part of any firearm can negatively impact the accuracy and reliability of the weapon.

To maximize product quality, it’s important for firearms manufacturers to find ways to prevent flaws from being introduced into their products—particularly in the finishing steps leading to final assembly and shipping.


This is where custom wire baskets can be an enormous help to firearms manufacturers.

How can custom wire parts washing baskets help keep precision gun components safe during production?

Let’s count the ways:

  1. Keeping Parts from Colliding. Although designed to withstand the force and impact of a small explosion, gun components can be surprisingly sensitive. By using custom-formed wires or dividers, parts can be held securely in place throughout the finishing process—preventing damage from parts hitting each other.
  2. Holding Parts in the Basket, Not the Floor. Parts falling out of their handling baskets could hit the ground and be dented/scratched. Worse yet, they could fall into parts finishing machinery—damaging both the part and the machine. Using form-fitted wires, lids, and other enclosures keeps this from happening.
  3. Reducing Mishandling of Parts. In between processes, parts can sometimes get dropped or mishandled in a way that causes damage. A well-designed basket makes it easier to carry parts from Point A to Point B so that such mishandling doesn’t happen.
  4. Preventing Liquid/Debris Collection. Runoff from certain cleaning processes can stick to parts and their baskets. This can cause corrosion as buildup remains on parts instead of flowing away from them. Wire baskets provide plenty of airflow to enhance parts drying while minimizing the chances of runoff pooling up next to parts.

Building a Better Firearms Basket

To achieve the benefits listed above, there are many factors that have to be considered in the design of a basket to hold gun barrels, triggers, and other firearm components, including:

  • How Parts Will Be Held. Some parts have incredibly delicate outer surfaces and tougher interiors, or vice versa. Additionally, some processes work better when parts are held tightly, and others may work better if parts have some wriggle room. Whether parts are locked in place with custom wire forms, held semi-loosely on tines, or simply placed in an open compartment should be decided by the characteristics of the part and the finishing process it will be going through.
  • Operating Temperatures/Chemicals Used in the Process. A design that would hold up to a specific chemical at one temperature might not work so well if the temperature were to be increased by just a few degrees. Knowing both the operating temperature and the chemicals used in the process is vital for designing a custom basket that can survive repeated use for years on end.
  • Dimensions of Parts and Machinery. Just like a tailor needs a client’s measurements to make a custom-tailored suit, a custom basket design needs to account for the dimensions of the parts and the finishing equipment it will be put through.
  • How Parts Will Be Moved Between Processes. Will parts be carried by hand, conveyor belt, or hoist? The way that handles and other elements of the basket are designed should always account for how the basket will be moved to increase ease of handling and production speed.
  • Type of Finishing Processes Used. From aqueous-based cleaning processes, to parts degreasing, to heat treatment, different firearms manufacturers can use many different processes to finish their parts. Each of these processes can place different stresses on the parts and baskets—requiring different materials, coatings, and functions to compensate.

These considerations guide the design choices that go into a custom basket for any firearm application. By carefully considering the application, designing the perfect wire basket for precision gun components is simple for an experienced manufacturing engineer.

Learn how Marlin Steel can create the perfect gun component basket for your needs today!

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