Wire Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaning: a Marlin Steel Case Study

June 5, 2014 | Custom Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel's Ultrasonic Cleaning BasketsEvery customer has unique needs for their material handling and washing baskets. The sheer number of variables in each parts washing cycle, such as the temperatures and chemicals used in the cleaning process, are enormous. This is why it is so important to make sure that you have all of these details for each parts washing cycle before making a custom wire form to hold the parts.

The Challenge:

Recently, a major manufacturer of metal fabricating equipment (who is not being named at this time, per their request) contacted Marlin Steel to make baskets to hold sensitive parts through an ultrasonic cleaning process. One of the specific challenges here was that the part could not be allowed to have metal to metal contact during the washing process, or else the sensitive part could become scratched and require refinishing or be junked.

Also, as is often the case with ultrasonic cleaning, the basket would have to hold the part securely in place during a complete immersion cleaning cycle. Holding a part securely necessitates constant contact, but there couldn’t be any metal-on-metal contact whatsoever for this basket.

The Solution:

So, how did Marlin Steel’s engineers overcome this challenge? By using a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coated insert in the wire basket.

By wrapping portions of the wire form in thick, semisoft PVC coating, it was possible to wash the part in an ultrasonic parts washing cycle without the risk of damage that could happen as a result of metal abrading with metal. The softness of the PVC cushioned the part, keeping it secure and preventing excess rattling that would have otherwise caused damage to the delicate, precision-engineered part.

Not only that, but the basket’s inserts were designed to allow the part to fully rotate during cleaning, which allowed for penetrant processing.

The Result:

The client had a perfect material washing and handling basket that was able to take everything their particular parts washing cycle could throw at them. Parts would come out of their washing process defect-free and ready to be used.

With these baskets for their final cleaning and processing, the client was able to move forward with their production of this part without delay.

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