Trumpf TruBend5230 press brake

Marlin Steel has never skimped on providing only the highest quality manufacturing available. Our custom wire baskets and products are engineered with the tightest parts tolerances and impeccable craftsmanship, powered by a heavy investment in the highest quality factory automation on the market. 

Factory automation serves the dual purpose of creating a safer factory environment for employees, as well as improving the consistency of metal baskets and wire forms at rates impossible for human labor to match. One of these innovative machines responsible for the unmatched precision of Marlin’s products is the Trumpf 5230 press brake. 

Why Does Marlin Steel Use Factory Automation For Bending?

By using the Trumpf press brake, Marlin’s engineering team can produce automatic sheet metal bending for both thick and thin materials reliably and quickly so you can receive your custom wire baskets as soon as possible.

Factory automation allows Marlin Steel to create the most precise bends possible for sheet metal and wire forms. When tight parts tolerances matter, it’s important for engineers to be as exact as possible. Factory automation, such as in the form of the Trumpf press brake, allows Marlin Steel to perform perfectly uniform and intricate bends unable to be matched by human labor alone.  

The Trumpf press brake is one reason why Marlin Steel can produce such high-quality stainless steel wire baskets and metal forms within such a short amount of time. So, you can thank factory automation for allowing you to receive the most precise wire forms within just days of your order. 

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Specialized Bending of Complex Parts with Unmatched Accuracy

Marlin’s manufacturing team uses the Trumpf press brake to provide superior productivity and precision. Due to numerous innovations, the Trumpf 5230 is the latest press brake machine tool to provide automated and ergonomic solutions. 

Ability to Bend Difficult Parts With Ease

As a large press brake capable of bending parts that are over 127’’ in length, the Trumpf 5230 can easily bend parts at angles too complex for other machines.  Due to its six-axis back gauges, it can also bend thick sheet metal due to its 230-ton application power - the equivalent of multiple cars!

Multiple Capabilities

While the lower tools displacement allows for applications such as folding, the Trumpf 5230 press brake can precisely bend both complex thin and thick parts at high angular accuracy. 

Unmatched Precision

With intelligent software and sophisticated factory automation tools. even long profiles can be bent in a straight line as precisely as possible. This combination allows the Trumpf press brake to deliver the most precise bends for all your sheet metal requirements possible.

Automation With The User In Mind

Marlin Steel’s factory automation is designed to complement human operators, not replace them. The Trumpf press brake is incredibly user friendly with added features for the comfort and safety of its operators, including touchscreens, automatic tool changers, and LED light illumination.

Energy Efficient

The Trumpf press brake not only operates with minimal noise, but does so at a fast pace of 8.5 in/s, so wire forms can be bent quickly and without discomfort to the operator. 



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